Inspection programmes - Youth

Each Youth Offending Team (YOT) in England & Wales has now received two inspections since their inception, firstly under the Youth Offending Team Inspection (YOTI) programme and more recently under the Core Case Inspection (CCI) programme of youth offending work.

The CCI programme ended in spring 2012. Following agreement with Ministers and consultation with YOTs and other interested parties, HMI Probation has developed a successor risk proportionate programme for inspection of youth offending work. This programme began in September 2012.

Inspection of youth offending work

Inspection of youth offending work under the current programme consists of four elements listed below. 

  • Full Joint Inspection (FJI) - targeted at a small number of YOTs each year where performance gives particular cause for concern, together with at least one YOT where published performance is strong and worth sharing.
  • Short Quality Screening (SQS) - targeted at approximately 20% of YOTs each year across the whole range of published performance. The focus of this programme is work at the start of the sentence, along with pre-sentence reports (PSRs). This focus was chosen because our previous programme indicated that each aspect often required significant improvement.
  • Thematic programme - undertaking a focused inspection of specific aspects of work, including resettlement, across a range of YOTs.
  • Protecting Children - HMI Probation will contribute to the planned Ofsted led joint inspection of child protection arrangements once this inspection is launched. This will also include inspection of adult offending work. Further details will be published here as they are available. In the interim HMI Probation will inspect this work in YOTs on a thematic basis and as an element of their existing programmes above.

Case assessment tools

The case assessment tool provides inspectors with a consistent structure to record their judgements.

The case assessment guide is designed to support consistent and appropriate judgements, irrespective of who undertakes the assessment. It is to be read in conjunction with the HMI Probation Case Assessment Tool for Inspection of Youth Offending Work.

The case assessment tool and guide apply to both the FJI and SQS programmes, with SQS using a subset of the questions.

The latest published versions of these tools are available below. Both tools may be useful to those whose work we inspect, to understand the quality that we expect and how we make judgements, and so support and encourage improvement. They may also inform the development of local quality assurance systems. Both documents are subject to continuous improvement so may on occasions differ slightly from that used on an individual inspection.

Case Assessment Guidance – English (PDF 0.57Mb)

Case Assessment Guidance - Cymraeg (PDF 0.57Mb)

Case Assessment Tool – English (PDF 1.3Mb)

Case Assessment Tool – Cymraeg (PDF 1.3Mb)

Supporting guidance documents

HMI Probation produces other materials designed to help inspected bodies understand what we consider to be good practice. Current materials directly relevant to YOTs are listed below:

Previous youth offending inspection programmes

Information on our previous youth offending inspection work including Core Case Inspection (CCI) and Youth Offending Team Inspection (YOTI) programmes is available.

Inspecting outside England and Wales

From time to time, at the invitation of the relevant authority, HMI Probation carries out an inspection of youth offending work outside England & Wales.

Reports of inspections outside England and Wales are available.

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