About the National Offender Management Service

The National Offender Management Service is an Executive Agency of the Ministry of Justice.  Our role is to commission and provide offender services in the community and in custody in England and Wales, ensuring best value for money from public resources.

We work to protect the public and reduce reoffending by delivering the punishment and orders of the courts and supporting rehabilitation by helping offenders to change their lives.

NOMS keeps the public safe by ensuring that around 260,000 offenders each year securely undertake the punishment of the courts through custodial (prison) or community sentences provided through the prison and probation services and an increasingly wide range of partner agencies in a developing mixed economy of providers.

There are currently 123 prisons in England and Wales (including three immigration removal centres that are operated by NOMS on behalf of UKBA). The management of 14 prisons is contracted to private sector partners and the rest are run by the public sector through Her Majesty's Prison Service.

Probation services are provided by 35 Probation Trusts across England and Wales. These receive funding from NOMS to which they are accountable for their performance and delivery.

How NOMS works (PDF 0.07mb)

NOMS organisation chart (PDF 0.94mb) 

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Our New Way - visual maps (PDF 2mb)

National Offender Management Service


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