About the Victims' Commissioner

The role of the Victims’ Commissioner is to promote the interests of victims and witnesses, encourage good practice in their treatment, and regularly review the Code of Practice for Victims which sets out the services victims can expect to receive.

The Commissioner is here to listen to the views of victims and witnesses, understand the criminal justice system from their point of view and try to help improve the services and support available.

Please note that by law, the Commissioner is not allowed to intervene in specific cases. However, we will endeavour to provide direction of where to get the best advice and support.

What's new

Victims' Commissioner's annual report 2013-14 

Victims’ Commissioner calls for more “open and transparent” Parole Board hearings

Speech for Criminal Justice Convention on 1 July 2013, London  

Speech for APCC Event on 5 June 2013, Birmingham

Speech for European Stakeholder Event: Daphne, 4 April 2013

Victims' Commissioner


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