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How do I make a complaint?

We are covered by the Code of Practice for Victims of Crime in England and Wales and our complaints process complies with it. You can call 0300 003 3601, email or write to us at CICA, Tay House, 300 Bath Street, Glasgow G2 4LN if you're unhappy with our service and we will work with you to resolve your complaint. To help us reach a solution that suits everyone you will need to tell us what you are unhappy about and what, specifically, we can do to make you happy with our service. Your input is crucial and we can't progress your complaint without it, so please help us as much as you can.

If you're phoning us to complain we'll try to connect you with a complaint handler straight away. They will ask what you'd like us to do to resolve your complaint and agree an appropriate timescale. If you complain in writing, either by email or post, one of our complaints handlers will try to call you within five working days of our receiving the complaint to discuss what we can do and by when. If they can't reach you on the phone in that time they will write to you either to ask for more detail about how we can resolve your complaint or to confirm our understanding of what you have asked.

Once we know what you want us to do we will examine whether we can do it. If we have done everything you asked of us we will write to you confirming what we've done and close the complaint. Any further complaints will be treated as new. If we can't do what you've asked of us we will write to explain why and offer you the chance to escalate the complaint if you are unhappy with the explanation.

Escalated complaints will go to the overall manager of the team dealing with your case and will follow the same process as the initial complaint did. If they are still unable to take the action you want and you remain unhappy with the explanation you can escalate again to a member of our Executive Management Team, who will again follow the same process. If they are still unable to take the action you want they will send you details of the relevant Ombudsman, with whom you can raise your complaint.

There are some things our complaints process can't handle. The most obvious example is dissatisfaction with the actual decision in your claim, which can only be addressed through the review and appeal procedure that Parliament approves in the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme. If you try to complain about anything our complaints process can't handle we won't register the complaint, but we will tell you what the appropriate route for you to get help is if we can. If you try to complain about something for which another organisation is responsible we will forward your complaint to them and let you know we have done so.

Complaint definition

We define complaints as any expression of dissatisfaction with the customer service we are providing in your case. Dissatisfaction with claim decisions is not covered because there is a statutory review and appeal process for challenging these.

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