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Notes for editors

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) was established in 1996, replacing the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board. The CICA administers applications under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Schemes. We currently work to the 2008 Scheme, as set down by Parliament.

The value of the award for an injury is based on a tariff which has been agreed by Parliament. The Authority has no discretion in deciding the level of the award – it must be based on the tariff.

The scheme includes clear eligibility criteria. In order to qualify for an award:

  • There must have been a crime of violence;
  • The incident must have taken place in England, Scotland or Wales (Northern Ireland have their own scheme); and
  • The level of injury received must be sufficiently serious to qualify for the minimum payment (currently £1000).

Awards under the scheme range from £1,000 to £250,000. In some severe cases, we may be able to compensate for loss of earnings or special expenses, such as medical expenses. The highest award we can make in any case, including both the tariff payment and these additional elements, is £500,000.

To ensure that the application of the scheme is as robust as possible there are safeguards built in. If the applicant does not think their case was assessed fairly, they may apply to have it reviewed. If the applicant remains unhappy after the review they can have an appeal heard by an independent tribunal; the Tribunals Service - Criminal Injuries Compensation (TS).

Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority


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