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Learning & Skills

The Head of Learning and Skills is Jan Foden. The education curriculum is provided by Derby College. In-Training and Development Organisation provide Information, Advice and Guidance. The Education Manager is Helen Arnold-Richardson. There are 31 full-time, 29 part-time teaching staff and 14 full-time learning support assistants.

Courses offered include:

  • Literacy/Numeracy (Pre entry, Entry Level, Level 1 and 2)
  • Social & Life Skills (Entry Level, Level 1 and 2)
  • Key Skills - Communication & Application of Number
  • ESOL
  • Practical Crafts
  • Visual Art
  • Cookery
  • IT
  • Painting & Decorating
  • Woodwork
  • Horticulture
  • Cleaning Science
  • Music.

Opening times are 08:45 - 11:45 and 13:45 - 16:45 Monday to Friday.

The environment is light and airy in a 2 storey department with many artwork displays. The Acorn Unit is available for the use of the young people and provides a mixture of practical and academic classes. The Oak Unit is available for the use of the young adults and provides education and resettlement courses. The opening of the Rowan Centre, will provide opportunities to learn new skills in plastering and tiling, Media, Radio, Business Skills, Carpentry, Bricklaying and mentoring.

Purposeful Activities

Include education, domestic duties, cleaning duties, kitchen, gym, chapel, library, farm and gardens, painting parties, careers advice education, substance misuse, universal and targeted interventions and offending behaviour programmes, painting and decorating, cookery, industrial cleaning, computer repair, PE and a range of other courses. There are no production workshops.

Gymnasium & Sports

Large sports hall marked out for football, badminton, basketball, volleyball, indoor hockey, as well as a climbing wall, fully equipped weights, cardiovascular, showering and changing facilities, full size Astroturf football pitch, grass sports field; Aerobics; fitness room.

The PE department also delivers educational courses at entry level and level 1. These courses are Active IQ and first aid at work.


There is a light and well presented Chapel able to seat 200. A World Faith Room with facilities for ablutions able to accommodate 70.

One multi-denominational church service held on Sundays, Roman Catholic Mass held on Saturday morning, Muslim service held on Friday afternoons, Sikh Service held on Wednesdays, and a Buddhist service fortnightly held on Wednesdays.

The Chaplaincy Team visit all new young people/young adults on induction. Alpha groups visit the establishment weekly in term time. Regular outside visiting ministry teams and bands aid worship. The chapel also host concerts, Drama groups, art groups, bereavement support, crisis support. Multi outside and inside agencies and inside groups are hosted for conferences and training.

Facilities/Programmes/Offender Management

include MDT, VDT, CARAT, DTO/OASys, Initial LSPO, YMCA, ETS, OBP, NACRO, Depaul Trust, Anger control, Harm Reduction, Young People's Substance Misuse Team, (group work and one to one interventions including Tier 1, Cannabis & Alcohol, Pre Release/Overdose Prevention and Cocaine groups, initial and full assessments, harm reduction, relapse prevention and auricular acupuncture). Job Centre, PIN phones, Legal Services, Incentives and Earned Privileges, accumulated visits, Bail Unit and Anti-Bullying (Intervention and Assessment unit). Foreign Nationals, Request and Complaints, Diversity, Suicide Prevention, Samaritans, Independent Monitoring Board, Advocates, Connexions, Staffordshire and Birmingham, Black Country Keeping Young People Engaged.


Since 2001 HMP & YOI Brinsford, the Staffordshire Children and Lifelong Learning Dept, Staffordshire Child Protection and Police have worked together to ensure that staff and the young people in our custody have a safe environment and a positive experience.

Our policy

'To provide a safe environment for staff, young people and visitors, we will take firm action to combat any behaviour where acts of discrimination, abuse, violence, bullying occur or have occurred'.

Safeguarding is defined in “Every Child Matters” (2006). Brinsford has a residential social worker who is employed by Staffordshire Local Authority to fulfil the various statutory obligations relating to children and young people under the age of 18 years who are in custody. The social workers main areas of work are, Children in Need, Looked After Children, Child Protection, where there are concerns that a child is suffering or likely to suffer harm and if a child is seriously injured or dies whilst in custody. Under the umbrella of safeguarding we take the lead in, anti-bullying/anti-violence, suicide prevention and self-harm, child protection, public protection, and more recently restorative justice. Since January 2008 we have introduced a telephone line for those relatives, friends who may have concerns regarding any young person/young adult in our care.


The kitchen is staffed by industrial grade caterers. Lunch and Dinner are pre-select from a menu, which rotates every three weeks. All religious, cultural and medical dietary requirements are catered for. The selection for lunch includes hot food along with sandwich choices on Mondays to Fridays and added options for healthy eating are now also available. All young adults working in the kitchens receive certificated accreditation for food hygiene and handling. One of the most popular foods available is the vegetarian pizza, (produced from their home-made bread base).

Prison Shop

A wide range of goods are obtainable through a pre-order system. Goods are secured in unique sealed bags then delivered to young people/young adults individually. This is paid for from their own earnings or private cash. All new young people/young adults are provided with a small selection of basic items depending on their preference for a smoker's pack or non-smoker's pack. (Legal age requirement is 16 for smoking facilities).


Twenty four hour Registered Nurse Healthcare provision including an 11 bed in patient facility. Accommodation is provided in 11 single cells but plans are in place to convert two of these cells to shared accommodation.

The Healthcare Department comprises a clinical substance misuse team, primary mental health team, primary care team and inpatient team. Medical cover is currently provided by two separately commissioned contracts, one for it's in hours service and the other for out of hours.

A GP surgery is provided 6 days per week, Sunday - Friday. The secondary care, Inreach mental health team comprises full time CPNs and Social Worker in addition to sessional Psychiatrist, Psychologist and Occupational Therapist. Dental care is provided by two dentist sessions per week and a part time dental nurse to provide additional dental triage and dental health promotion. Optician, podiatry and physiotherapy are available either by clinical referral or request.


The roles and tasks are varied and complex they include working with the courts, community probation offices, the youth offending teams, liaising with families/guardians and agencies within the community.

The Probation Department at HMP & YOI Brinsford work with both the young people (15 years – 18 years) and the young adults (18 years – 21years). Probation staff also work in a wide variety of areas which include, OASys, Resettlement, Sentence planning, Community links, Bail information, Suicide Prevention, Home Detention Curfew report (HDC), Early Releases, Public Protection and Resettlement Manager for Enhanced Thinking Skills (ETS) JETS for those young people aged 15 years - 18 years.

Psychology and Programmes:

JETS - A 25 session group work programme (plus 6 individual sessions) designed specifically for young people to explore the effects of thinking on behaviour. It aims to increase group members: interpersonal problem solving, creative thinking, self control, social skills, critical reasoning and social perspective taking. It also looks at the values held by group members.

Anger Management Programme - A 5 session group work programme looking at identifying triggers which lead to angry outbursts, the relationship between thinking and behaviour, introducing and practicing strategies to reduce anger and developing strategies to challenge irrational thoughts.

Coping Skills - A 7 session group work programme which aims to provide group members with appropriate coping techniques, to reduce the incidence and prevalence of self harm/ suicidal behaviour, to improve social interaction and institutional behaviour.

General Offending Behaviour Group (GOBG) – A 4 session group work programme which encourages group members to explore their offending behaviour, identify triggers to offending and explore the consequences of offending. The programme aims to encourages victim awareness and support group members in setting goals to change their behaviour.

Motivating Offenders to Rethink Everything (MORE) - A 4 session group work programme which aims to motivate group members to explore and re-think how they view and react to situations. Group members are encouraged to look at situations from all angles and to consider others points of view. The programme introduces problem solving and strategies to challenge irrational thinking.

In addition to the above, a one to one intervention is offered on a limited basis for those young people / young adults unable to engage in the prison regime due to anger management or coping skills deficits or to address behaviour unable to be explored in a group environment. One to one interventions are offered to improve a young persons/young adults strategies for coping, anger management, social skills and problem solving.

Her Majesty's Prison & Probation Service


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