Regime information for Bullingdon Prison

Bullingdon operates a three tier system of regime (Basic, Standard and Enhanced) as part of an Incentives and Earned Privileges programme. The prison has a range of Work, Education and Training opportunities delivering key and basic skills and opportunities for a wide variety of vocational qualifications. There is a range of Offending Behaviour programmes including RAPT, SOTP, ETS and SDP. An Offender Management Unit was set up in 2005 to manage Resettlement work for the seven pathways of the national plans of reducing re-offending.

Education Department

In the education department at Bullingdon Community Prison, we aim to deliver a quality service in order to educate, raise self worth and create new opportunities for prisoners, enabling them to contribute positively to society. Milton Keynes College provides the contract for education at Bullingdon.

The department provides classes for all prisoners, all of which provide nationally recognised qualifications. The department also provides extensive vocational key skills and learning support opportunities within the workplace. As well as the core classes in the education department there are also opportunities to access Open University courses.

Our Education Department offers the following programmes:

  • Basic Skills - The basic skills department offers courses in English and Maths from beginner to pre-GCSE levels (pre-entry to level 2)
  • Core Key Skills and wider Key Skills - Core Key Skills are achieved by completing a portfolio of work and passing a test. They are normally achieved in the main education areas. Wider Key Skills are achieved by completing a portfolio of evidence based on daily work activities. They are normally assessed through workshops, gym, farms and gardens etc.
  • Open University - There is an OU brochure available which details all courses. Some involving the internet cannot be taken by prisoners. Prisoners can obtain certification up to degree level
  • Social & Life Studies - This course consists of four modules – Budgeting, Alcohol Awareness, Citizenship, Healthy Living and Parentcraft
  • Lithographic Printing - Students can undertake training to the highest standard in the correct use of the Heidelberg GTO Lithographic Printing Press
  • Laundry - Prisoners can gain a recognised laundry qualification through the Guild of Laundry & Dry Cleaning and NVQ level 2 whilst working within the Laundry
  • Farms & Gardens - Prisoners carry out a wide range of horticulture activities whilst maintaining the grounds within the establishment. All qualifications gained would assist in gaining employment upon release (NVQ level 1 Horticulture and National Proficiency Test Certificate in Horticulture Machinery – NPTC)
  • Industrial Cleaning – Offenders learn a wide range of industrial cleaning skills, training and assessments, while working towards an NVQ qualification
  • Construction trades - This course involves a range of construction skills which will enable prisoners to be multi-skilled in a range of trades. These include bricklaying, painting & decorating, kitchen fitting, floor laying. Certificates are available in each of these trades and prisoners can undertake one trade or all of them dependant upon their length of sentence. All prisoners also undertake the C.S.C.S card (recognised H&S in construction)
  • ICT skills - This course will equip students with the basic range of skills necessary to meet the demands of the modern workplace. It consists of: CLAIT Level 1 - Word Processing and File Management, Spreadsheets and Graphs, Databases, Desk Top Publishing, Presentation Graphics, Computer Art. CLAIT Plus Level 2 – Word Processing and Integration, Spreadsheets and Graphs, Databases, Desktop Publishing, Presentation Graphics, Computer Art. Certificates available: OCR Level 1 Certificate/Diploma for IT Users (CLAIT), OCR Level 2 Certificate/Diploma for IT users (CLAIT Plus)
  • Art & Graphic Design – these courses offer prisoners the opportunity to learn new skills either in fine art or vocational work in graphic design. All courses lead to OCN accreditation
  • Barbering – Prisoners learn the basic techniques of barbering including cutting, trimming, clippering, Health & Safety requirements. Frequently they are also employed as wing barbers. This course leads to OCN accreditation
  • Music – Prisoners can learn to play guitar, keyboards, drums. Additionally there are music technology courses which allow composition and song writing. All courses lead to OCN accreditation
  • Cookery – Prisoners can learn the basic of cookery which will then lead them to further vocational development either within the prison or by attending further education upon release.


Bullingdon Community Prison is committed to tackling the causes of offending behaviour in order to encourage prisoners to lead healthy, law-abiding lives in custody and on release. Measures are in place to ensure that we will identify prisoners who have identified needs, provide them with advice and education and the opportunity of treatment and support to help them to reduce their risk of committing further crimes after release.

Available Accredited Programmes include:

  • Sex Offender Treatment Programme (SOTP)
  • Enhanced Thinking Skills (ETS)
  • Short Duration Drug Programme (SDP)
  • RAPt 12 Step Substance Dependency Treatment Programme – not available on Edgcott Unit at this time
  • RAPt Alcohol Dependency Treatment Programme
  • Healthy Relationships Programme – accredited by National Probation Service
  • CALM – Anger Management Treatment Programme
  • IDTS (Integrated Drug Treatment System) – accredited by NTA (National Treatment Agency)
  • Available non accredited courses - UNLOCK – financial management presentation

Offender Management

Bullingdon Community Prison is continually taking forward Offender Management; the establishment began its planning and developmental work back in 2004. At early stage we forged positive working partnership with Thames Valley Probation, establishing a Pathfinder group to focus on the end to end management of offenders. This work has continued to develop and strengthen with each introduction of Offender Management Model. Many areas of our work have been identified as best practice and we frequently share our ideas and experiences across the area.

Key Work includes

  • OASys/ sentence management
  • Lifer management
  • Induction
  • Public Protection (inclusive of all high risk offenders)
  • PPOs
  • OCA/legal services
  • Accommodation with St Giles Trust
  • Employment/ Job Centre Plus/Transit/Blue Sky/Toe by Toe
  • Restorative Justice
  • Religious Activities
  • Sycamore Tree RJ programme
  • Community Links/Voluntary Sector

World Faith Chaplaincy Team

Full time Church of England and Imam as well as part time and sessionals for all other faiths.

Her Majesty's Prison & Probation Service


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