Regime information for Channings Wood Prison

The prison provides a range of employment, vocational training and educational opportunities for offenders. It also provides a number of accredited and non-accredited offending behaviour courses.

The establishment has close links with a number of voluntary and statutory sector organisations providing resettlement services to offenders. Appropriate activities are provided to help offenders prepare for release into the community with the goal of reducing reoffending.

Please note that some of the activities that are available for the main prison may not be available for the VPU, and vice versa.


Cleaners / Domestics & Servery Workers
Clothing Exchange Stores
Farms and Gardens & Poly Tunnels
Main Stores
Orderly Positions & Insiders
Recycling & Waste Management
Storybook Dads
Tailors Shop
Wood Assembly Shop/ Manufacturing Stores
Wood Mill
Works Department
Vocational Training Courses
Barbering (level 2 Customer Service embedded)
Bicycle Repair (level 1 handling data embedded)
Catering levels 1&2
Fork Lift Driving
Gymnasium Based Courses Healthy Lifestyle and Sports Learning
Horticulture levels 1&2
Industrial Cleaning
Painting and Decorating
Performing Manufacturing Operations delivered by N-ergy
Warehousing delivered by N-ergy


Enterprise Skills
Distance Learning
Gym Healthy Lifestyle Course
Information Technology Levels 1&2 and Interactive Media
Life & Living Skills
Maths & English Functional Skills levels 1&2
Peer Mentoring level 2
Radio Production
Shannon Trust Reading Scheme
Virtual Campus
Managing Transition (Pre-release course)
The gymnasium comprises a weights/fitness suite, sports hall and sports field. Involvement in certain gym activities may be dependent on employment status and privilege level.


Type 3 Healthcare, (no in-patient facilities) run by CareUK.
CEP (Clinically Enhanced Prescribing) site from 28/7/08

Substance Misuse Services (SMS)

Men across the establishment with any form of substance misuse are identified during the induction process. These individuals are then signposted to the most appropriate support for them in preparation for release and to achieve both longer and short term goals. Some of these interventions will be completed 1:1 with their Recovery Worker while other interventions will be delivered in a group setting. The structured group interventions cover a range of areas including Living skill, Addiction and Offending, Emotional Management, Relationship skills, AAP, PAVP, Relapse prevention and Release Planning and Preparation. Specific harm minimisation sessions, relaxation and Mutual Aid groups are also available for service users located on both the main location and VPU to access.

Accredited Offending Behaviour Programmes

Sex Offender Treatment Programmes (SOTP) (Currently under review), The Healthy Sex Programme (HSP), Thinking Skills Programme, and Resolve.


HMP Channings Wood is a resettlement establishment and encourages all men to be completing some form of purposeful activity during the working week from Monday to Friday AM, association for all offenders across the establishment (apart from Segregation) takes place on Friday afternoons and AM and PM on a Saturday and Sunday. This can be subject to change due to operational reasons and where possible all men will be informed in good time of any changes to the regime.


A chapel and separate multi-faith room are available, and appropriate services and meetings are arranged for all major religions. Individual faiths may be catered for by consultation with the Chaplaincy team.


Channings Wood employs a pre-bagged canteen system that is run by an outside contractor. Orders are placed on a Monday and distributed on a Friday.

Her Majesty's Prison & Probation Service


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