Regime information for Dover Immigration Removal Centre

There is access to PE facilities, recreational facilities, education classes, library, church, mosque, multi-faith room, shop, laundry, and a Healthcare Centre.

The Physical Education Department provides a range of activities morning, afternoon and evening seven days a week. There is a weights room and cardio-vascular equipment centre, as well as a sports hall and five-a-side Astroturf pitch.

The Education Department runs a varied curriculum of classes ranging from ESOL to arts and crafts, and small business courses. The Department is open 5 days per week and is managed by Manchester College. A well-stocked library catering for many languages is open Monday to Friday and also provides a comprehensive foreign newspaper provision.

There is a busy and varied Religious Affairs Department providing for all major recognized faiths. Directly employed and visiting ministers provide activities and services on a daily basis. The Department also provides an important pastoral role for detainees and staff. The Centre has a Chapel, Mosque and multi-faith areas.

Meals are supplied from the Kitchen menu; a self-choice system is in operation providing seven meal choices twice daily, including hot and cold options, and catering for diverse cultural and religious diets. A new central dining hall facility opened Monday 5th October.

A local Samaritans group visit the Centre regularly and pro-active suicide prevention and anti-bullying strategies are in place. Dover Detainee Visitor Group, a voluntary organisation, will visit detainees who request to see them if their friends or family are unable to.

The Migrant and Refugee Justice provides a twice weekly legal advice surgery and BID (Bail for Immigration Detainees) offer bail advice on a monthly basis.

Detainees have the opportunity to undertake a certain amount of paid work and are able to participate in activities; whilst voluntary, both are encouraged. A small weekly allowance is paid to all detainees for the purchase of phone cards, tobacco or small sundry items from the Centre Shop which is open seven days a week.


Dover has a nurse led type 2 Healthcare Centre that provides part-time medical cover seven days a week. A part-time Medical Officer, supplemented by some sessional and agency cover provides a seven days per week service and a GP surgery equivalent service. All new receptions are screened on arrival and are able to access medical services as required. A crisis intervention suite is available for exceptional cases where a higher level of care and supervision is required.

Dover is developing positive partnerships with the NHS and has established a Health Improvement Plan Steering Group with East and Coastal Kent NHS.

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