Eastwood Park prison visiting information

A Visits Information Centre is located adjacent to the disabled car parking outside the main gate. It is open between:13.00 – 16.45 hrs on the following days:

Tue:   13.00 – 16.45
Wed: 13.00 – 16.45
Fri:    13.00 – 16.45
Sat: 13.00 – 16.45
Sun: 13.00 – 16.45

  • A member of staff will be available in the Centre to assist with any enquiries (this facility is subject to staff availability)
  • Vending Machines are available as well as toilet facilities
  • There are baby/ child milk-warming facilities in the Visitors Information Centre.

Visits room

The visits area is located on the ground floor so is accessible to wheel chair users Visitors will only be allowed to take loose change into the visits area, mobile phones/ tobacco/ wallets/ bags/ bank notes etc. must be placed in the lockers provided. All items are left at the visitors’ own risk .

Visitors who enter with small children or babies should be aware that no pushchairs, car seats, bags and nappies are permitted into the visits room. All items are left at the visitors’ own risk.

Only formula in sealed cartons will be allowed into the visits area. An empty baby bottle/ beaker can be brought in for those children who are not yet able to use cups. Visitors or prisoners wishing to breastfeed their baby during the course of a visit are welcome to do so within the main visits room.

The prison supplies cakes, baguettes and snacks for purchase during the visiting session.

If a visitor has serious concerns for the safety or well-being of a prisoner, a member of staff should be informed at the earliest opportunity. If this is not felt appropriate a message or fax can be sent to the establishments’ Safer Custody Hotline on 01454 382323.

The visits staff will be available for support and advice throughout the visit.

Prisoners and visitors are advised that Closed Circuit Television operates in the visits room. All Social Visits will be monitored and recorded.

Anti social behaviour (from visitors or prisoners) of any sort will not be tolerated and may result in a visit being terminated. Prisoners who are on the Anti-Social Behaviour Programme may have their visits re-arranged to ensure the comfort and safety of others.

Play Area

  • A small supervised (subject to staffing) play area is available with a selection of toys, crafts and play bags available for children under the age of 8
  • Children are the responsibility of the accompanying visitor and must remain supervised at all times.
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