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HMP Ford is a Category D establishment with an emphasis on resettlement. Formerly a Fleet Air Arm Station, it converted to an open prison in 1960.

The establishment is split into two sites with a main road dividing the sites. The residential side comprises of the prisoner accommodation, education, gym, chaplaincy and multi-faith room, visits hall, PICTA, kitchens and DART (substance misuse team).

The other side of the road is known as the estates/industries side and comprises the Offender Management Unit (OMU), activities, engineering, DHL, injection moulding, land-based activities, and other workshops and prisoner activity areas.

West Sussex
BN18 0BX

Tel: 01903 663000
Fax: 01903 663001

Governor: Stephen Fradley

Accommodation: Mixed accommodation of single and double rooms. A Wing is comprised of single rooms whilst B Wing is billet style accommodation made up of double rooms. There is a small ground floor wing in close proximity to the main wing office, dining hall and healthcare for offenders with low mobility. Spaces in this unit are restricted. Whilst offenders can live comfortably on this unit, mobility around the establishment can be difficult for those in wheelchairs due to uneven footpaths and road surfaces, especially in winter.

Operational capacity: 544 (May 2018)

Reception criteria:HMP Ford accepts offenders with under two years left to serve or those allocated to an open establishment by the Parole Board. HMP Ford does not accept offenders with current or previous convictions for sexual offences and those under the Protection from harassment Act 1997, or Restraining Orders. Offenders should have no history of abscond or ROTL failure in the last two years. OaSYS, sentence planning and HDC assessments (where applicable) must be up to date prior to transfer. There are circumstances where offenders outside these criteria may be considered, but this must be in consultation with HMP Ford through the Head of Offender Management Unit.

On arrival all offenders complete the induction programme and are located on the induction billets which are all double accommodation. There is a strict single room policy and all offenders will be automatically placed on a waiting list for a single room as they become available.

Regime: The establishment operates a full employment policy and all offenders arriving at Ford will be required to work within the establishment. HMP Ford attempts to provide an establishment that is reflective of the local community.

All offenders have a valuable role to play within the community and as with normal day to day living are encouraged to make individual choices and accept the consequences of their choices and actions. HMP Ford expects a strong work ethic unless unable to do so due to medical exemptions or age.

Internal work opportunities include land-based activities, DHL, painting and decorating, carpentry, engineering, Industrial cleaning, dry lining,stores, call centre operations and other work. External work is supported either through community service placements, work experience or paid resettlement depending on the criteria and risk assessment. The prison’s education provider delivers a wide range of courses, enabling offenders to gain key vocational and academic qualifications inside and outside the prison.

The prison’s Virtual Campus facility is also accessible from 8am-8pm 7 days a week.

A number of groups are available to support offenders with differing issues; these include Relate, Samaritans, Scope, Salvation Army and Veterans support groups.vailable to support offenders with differing issues ranging from sexual orientation to bereavement counselling.

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