Regime information for Forest Bank Prison

Regime activities include Production Workshops, Training Workshops, (Workshops have 200 full time places in total) and Vocational Courses, including,

  • NVQ Level 1 & 2 in Food Preparation and Cooking
  • RIPH Foundation Food Hygiene
  • BICS British Institute of Cleaning Science
  • Health & Safety Foundation Level 1
  • HACCP Foundation Certificate
  • Skills for Life
  • Competency in silver service techniques

There are 180 part-time Education places, concentrating on Basic Education to Key Skills Level 2 and Offending Behaviour Courses including Accredited Programmes (ETS).

Forest Bank Healthcare has a 20 bed in-patient facility, incorporating two 4 bed wards, and a 2 bed observation suite. This is complemented by a 24 hour nursing care service.

There is a Healthcare Manager supported by two Clinical Leads. The GP Service is provided by Cimarron, a GP agency.

The Primary Healthcare Team are employed by Kalyx, with a 70/30 split between General and Psychiatric Nurses.

The Healthcare Team in partnership with the PCT provide a wide range of services including Nurse-led Clinics, Podiatry, Dentistry, Genito-Urinary Medicine (GUM) clinics, and Psychiatric Nurse Services.

Drugs Strategy

Compact Based Drug Testing - Compact based drug testing is available to all prisoners, and has been available since April 2001.

The primary purpose of compact based drug testing is intended to provide a supportive environment for those prisoners wishing to remain drug free, this in turn helps reduce the demand for drugs in prisons and helps provide a drug free environment for all prisoners. Tests will be conducted using the dip test method and results are available after a measured amount of time.

Substance Misuse - A full range of services is offered to support and assist prisoners with substance misuse issues. This is currently part of a full review as part of the

CARATS - This assessment, advice and referral service is provided by the 6 Kalyx drugs workers and a team leader. In addition to one to one work, they also deliver group work sessions around drug awareness, harm minimisation and relapse prevention.

The prison is implementing IDTS – Integrated Drug Treatment System, to provide even better services to drug misusing offenders.

Her Majesty's Prison & Probation Service


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