Regime information for Full Sutton Prison

The regimes at Full Sutton are provided in order to facilitate the progress and full development of prisoners prior to release. Within Learning, Skills & Employment & Regimes, our aim is to provide high quality provision based  on assessed need that enables offenders to realise their potential for the purposes of personal development and employability both within custody and on release. Full time and part time working ensures that both education and vocational training is available to the maximum number of prisoners. A full range of educational courses are available. NCFE Award in Employability Skills is available in all work areas. Every prisoner is assessed on arrival, during the induction process, to ensure that Sentence Planning targets are appropriate to the individual needs.

Employment is available in several formats;

  • Waste management & furniture restoration workshop
  • Textile workshops
  • Contract services (assembly and packing)
  • Braille transcription
  • Catering
  • DHL workshop – warehousing and distribution
  • Industrial cleaners
  • Full and varied education programme
  • Cleaners & Orderlies
  • Library Orderlies

Gymnasium: The gymnasium also provides both recreational and vocational training. A percentage of training and courses receive awards from nationally recognised bodies and many of the courses are linked to all main areas i.e. education, employment and physical activity. This especially applies to the ‘Basic Skills’ level programmes. Resettlement advice and some pre-release work is available through the education department, trained staff and links with external agencies.

Healthcare: The Healthcare services are commissioned by NHS England and provided by Spectrum in accordance with the Annual Health needs Assessment to provide a full range of primary, secondary care and mental health services.

The service offers prisoners access to a wide variety of nurse led clinics to manage long term conditions, a walk in centre to offer first level triage of any acute condition, practice nurse clinics for more complex cases and GP access clinics with referrals directly from nursing staff for prisoners requiring specialist intervention.

A range of primary care ancillary services such as telemedicine, dental, x-ray, physio and podiatry are in a place and further supported by a range of commissioned secondary care provision with visiting consultants from our acute Trust.

In patients consists of a 6 bedded wing with a palliative care suite, haemodialysis suite and 2 dedicated safer custody cells.

Mental Health services provide both primary care and specialist in reach services supporting the operational management of prisoners with mental health needs with Consultant psychiatry provision twice per week.

Drugs Strategy: HMP Full Sutton is committed to delivering a high quality service for substance mis-users taking into account the National and Local strategies. This commitment will encompass the various different aspects of substance misuse namely, alcohol, illicit drugs and the abuse of prescription medications. In order to achieve the aims of the Government strategy, PHE has commissioned a Drug Treatment Service (DTS) provided by HMP Full Sutton clinical and DTS staff to deliver both clinical and psychosocial interventions to the prisoner population within the establishment. A collaborative approach with other areas of the establishment such as resettlement, offender management and security will ensure that the needs of individuals are met within the constraints of a High Security Estate establishment.

The Abstinence and Recovery Centre (ARC) aims to provide a safe and decent environment for individuals to address and recover from their dependency on illicit drugs, prescription medication and alcohol, irrespective of age, religion, sexuality, gender, race or disability.

The service will offer a supportive and therapeutic environment which enables individuals to work towards full recovery from addictions and assist then in remaining abstinent from substances by reducing the risks associated with substance misuse.


Her Majesty's Prison & Probation Service


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