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Grendon was opened in 1962 as an experimental psychiatric prison to provide treatment for prisoners with antisocial personality disorders, under the direction of a medical superintendent.

Over the years it has been brought more in line with the rest of the prison estate and is now run by a prison service governor. It does, however continue to operate a unique regime in its therapeutic care of offenders.

Currently Grendon can house up to 238 residents in Cat B secure conditions, with each of its six wings operating as autonomous therapeutic communities.


HM Prison Grendon
Grendon Underwood
HP18 0TL

Tel: 01296 445000
Fax: 01296 445001

Governor: Jamie Bennett

Accommodation: Single Cells

Operational Capacity: 238

Reception Criteria: The prison accepts serving category B & C male prisoners in England & Wales over the age of 21. Prisoners must be serving sentences that will allow a stay of at least 24 months at Grendon. Prisoners have to choose to come to Grendon, and must have a genuine desire to change and to work at changing. They must also be committed to staying free from drugs whilst in therapy.

HM Prison Service


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