Regime information for Grendon Prison

The Grendon regime is unique, as the therapeutic programme is the core work of the establishment. The therapeutic programme is based on therapeutic community principles, where a dedicated multidisciplinary team of staff work together with prisoners, in an atmosphere where attitudes and expressions, which would not normally be tolerated in prison, are accepted and used to give feedback to prisoners. This therapeutic dialogue leads to prisoner's greater understanding of their behaviour. Grendon aims to help prisoners develop more positive relationships, to change how they relate to others and to reduce their risk of re-offending.


NHS Primary Healthcare services are provided by Care UK. The services include GP and nurse led clinics. GPs refer to the full range of outpatient clinics at local hospitals for those requiring secondary care. Nurse clinics include Wellman, Diabetes, Asthma and Immunisations. There are visiting Podiatry and Physiotherapy services.

The Primary Care Mental Health service  works alongside a secondary care Mental Health InReach service provided by Oxford and Bucks Mental Health Trust.

There are Dental and Optician services providing regular clinics.

Drug Strategy

All prisoners are screened of their individual needs on initial reception. Identification of need will also come from prisoner's sentence planning and security measures including mandatory drug testing.

Interventions, support and advice is provided through Inclusion D.A.R.T. (Drug and Alcohol Recovery Team), which is available on induction and needs lead individual support is available for men engaged in each of the therapeutic communities. All interventions are care planned and is integrated within the prisoner’s therapeutic process.  This can be supported by a compact based oral swab testing programme, which is based on individual prisoner needs determined by individual and frequent assessment.

The intention to abstain from drug misuse is an important pre-requisite for prisoners coming to Grendon and all prisoners make a voluntary compact to remain drug free while they are in therapy. Men come to Grendon to participate in therapy. Drugs provide a way to hide, a crutch to lean on and an escape from the therapeutic process. Anyone taking drugs is unlikely to be successful in therapy. For this reason our drug strategy is pro-active and aimed at both prisoners and visitors and we will use all our powers to stop the smuggling in and use of drugs.

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