Regime information for Haslar Immigration Removal Centre

Haslar's regime operates on a free-flow system. Detainees may choose to attend any open activity at any time giving them flexibility to organise their own days.


Dolphin Way College at Haslar offers detainees a diverse range of courses including ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), Food Hygiene, Business Skills, Literacy, Numeracy, as well as many Information Technology classes in the use of applications software.  The majority of the IT, English, Literacy and Numeracy courses available offer accredited qualifications.  The Art classes are proactive in providing detainees the choice of displaying their art works around the establishment and at local exhibitions.  The detainees are also able to attend music classes where they can learn to play an instrument or record their own compositions.  The department is open 5½ days and 3 evenings per week.  The contract is managed by Pertemps People Development Group (PPDG).


The main Library at Haslar operates on a weekday basis under contract, currently held by Hampshire County Council.  It holds books in over 40 languages, together with a range of newspapers and magazines in various languages.  The books on offer include a range of Immigration Law books.  A collection of DVDs and music CDs are available in a range of languages.  An enquiry service is also provided by library staff, using the internet connection provided by HMPS.

Satellite Library

In addition to the main Library, the Centre offers a Satellite library in the evenings and at weekends staffed by Detainee Library Orderlies. The Satellite library offers books in a range of different languages and daily newspapers.


The Physical Education Department provides a range of activities and courses morning, afternoons and evenings seven days a week, catering for both detainees and staff. Occasional sporting fixtures are arranged between the detainees and staff, and with other establishments. Other highlights are the Annual Five-a-Side tournament, and the 10km run, both of which attract entries from the community.

The facilities include a weights/cardio-vascular suite, resistance exercise room, sports hall, two five-a-side pitches, a full size football pitch, artificial cricket wicket and out door running area.

Volunteers Scheme

IRC Haslar offers 62 work places for detainees, some of the role involve detainees supporting others living at the Centre. Work roles include: Catering Assistant, Ground Maintenance, Dormitory Cleaners, Passage Cleaner, Smoking Shelter Orderly, Education Orderlies, Health Care Orderly, Laundry, Self Service Laundry, Dormitory Representative, Games Room, Reading Room Orderlies, Gym Orderlies, Induction Orderly and Barbering. Detainees are paid in line with Detention Service Order 01/2013, and can work up to a maximum of 30 hours per week.

Haslar also welcomes volunteers from the community. A number of volunteers visit to help with Education classes and to help conduct Religious services. They are also welcome to visit detainees, in our visit area during the designated opening times.

Multi Faith

The Centre is a very active, multi-faith, community and can cater for all faiths. Two quiet prayer rooms are available at all times, with Muslims and Christians, Sikhs and other groups meeting regularly everyday. Further worship facilities are also available when needed.

A full time Christian chaplain is supported by a regular Imam and sessional support from Buddhist, Christian, Sikh and Hindu ministers. Volunteers from a range of faiths and cultures, including a local Sikh Gurdwara; African and Chinese churches also visit regularly.

Haslar regularly celebrates many religious festivals and special arrangements are in place for Ramadan, Devali, and Christmas, among others.

The Salvation Army also runs a non-religious course teaching life skills, aimed particularly at 18-24 year olds but open to any detainee to attend.


The Healthcare service is provided by Central and North West London Foundation Trust.

The Healthcare Centre is staffed 24 hours per day.

A GP attends the Centre on a daily basis Monday to Saturday to carry out a surgery. Secondary care is provided by Portsmouth NHS Trust.

Family Days

Haslar holds family days four times a year, always during school holiday periods. These days enable families to visit the Centre, eat together, and participate together in activities. Music, arts and sports are frequently on the timetable. Please contact the Centre for details of the next planned day.


Haslar operates a Welfare Officer scheme.  All detainees are allocated a dedicated personal officer and a named reserve officer.

Welfare Officers are responsible for assisting Haslar’s detainees with issues outside the Centre.  The requirements of detention mean that it is not possible for detainees to conduct affairs in the community in a normal manner.  This can include matters which have a direct bearing on their detention, their case, and their release or deportation.  Welfare Officers are available 7 days per week during the unlock hours for detainees.

Further support for detainees is also available via the Welfare Officers, with surgeries provided by a selection of solicitors’ firms for legal advice, the Citizens Advice Bureau, and the British Red Cross for assistance in tracing family members abroad.

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