Regime information for Highpoint Prison

Regime, Resettlement and Rehabilitation

Prisoners are gainfully employed within a range of workshops, offending behaviour courses and education classes.

Education classes available; Basic Skills, Communication Skills, ESOL, Numeracy, Personal and Social Development, ICT, ITQ, Art, Family man Business Enterprise, , Fathers Inside, Forklift, Basic Construction Skills, Streetworks, Graphic Design, Industrial Cleaning, Barbering, Carpentry, Painting and Decorating.

Qualifications available through the Physical Education Department; Active Healthy Living, basic Health and fitness, Certificate in fitness instructing, Circuit Instructor, Personal Instructor, First aid at work.

Workshops within the Industries building include, Reclaimed appliances ( TV Recycling), tailors, Welding, Single portion packaging, Waste Management, LMB ( textile cutting) PICTA, Data entry.

Addressing substance misuse and offending behaviour courses include, CARATS, Alcohol related violence, P-ASRO, Thinking Skills programme, CALM, SORI, Alcohol Awareness, Health relationships programme.
Other leaning opportunities and support services are Ormiston Trust, You and your Child, learn Direct, Toe by Toe, Self study and distance learning.

We also have Orderly and Peer Support roles and work places in the Kitchens, Gardens, and Domestics. 


Her Majesty's Prison & Probation Service


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