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  • 5.46 Support for victims of domestic violence or those involved as sex workers in the community should be reviewed and more proactive help provided
  • 5.20 Prison staff should have easy access to regularly checked and well-maintained automated external defibrillators
  • 5.13 Segregation paperwork should be completed accurately and in full. It should justify in detail why segregation is necessary
  • 5.11 Adjudication data should be monitored routinely and cover all protected characteristics to ensure emerging trends are identified and acted on if necessary
  • 5.14 Managers should record and analyse data on the use of the segregation unit, including the reasons why men are segregated and how long they are held there
  • 5.18 The purpose of and allocation criteria for West 7 unit should be clarified. Peer support for men with disabilities should be formally implemented and appropriately supervised
  • 5.22 Controlled drugs should be stored and recorded in accordance with current guidance and legislation
  • 5.9 Prisoners should only be strip-searched on the basis of intelligence or a specific suspicion. Authorisation should be recorded, along with an outline of the reasons for the search
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  • 5.45 Access to offending behavior work should be reviewed and appropriate action taken to ensure all prisoners’ needs are addressed while they are in open conditions
  • 5.8 Listeners should be available at night and throughout the working day
  • 5.27 Prisoners should be able to self-cater
  • 5.23 Nurses should be able to administer a clinically appropriate range of over-the-counter medicines without a prescription
  • 5.26 Prisoners should have timely access to a community-equivalent range of mental health services, including psychological interventions and counselling
  • 5.17 Men from all protected characteristic groups should be consulted and data should be monitored systematically and used to inform a meaningful action plan. Equality and Diversity - Monitoring of protected characteristics forums at the EAT meeting
  • Implemented
  • Not implemented
  • 5.33 All prisoners’ learning should be appropriately planned and monitored, and where relevant, the employment skills they develop should be recognised and recorded
  • 5.41 The prison should exploit in full the potential offered by the virtual campus
  • 5.35 ROTL and vocational courses should be offered to help prisoners develop their employability in PE-related areas of work
  • 5.31 Prisoners should be able to gain accredited vocational qualifications in all work activities
  • 5.34 Recreational gym should be scheduled so that it does not disrupt the core working day
  • Implemented
  • Not implemented
  • 5.40 Prisoners being assessed for HDC should have their resettlement needs reviewed prior to their release and action should be taken to address outstanding issues
  • 5.29 Prisoners’ understanding of career progression routes should be improved and tailored to support the men’s successful resettlement
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