Regime information for Hull Prison

Prisoners are employed in the workshops, kitchen, gardens and works departments. Education classes are available and there is a range of offending behaviour groups, including anger management and drug and alcohol misuse.

Hull has type 3 Healthcare Centre status and all medical services within the prison are contracted out to City Healthcare Partnership (CHP).
Drugs Strategy

Prisoners with drug/alcohol misuse problems are identified through reception procedures and mandatory drug testing results. The Substance Misuse Team is operated by Compass.  They identify and offer treatment programmes to those prisoners who need them and there are drug education and treatment courses available.

In addition there is a team of CARATs Drugs Workers (including 2 Detox Workers) based on site, employed by Compass. The team provides Counselling, Assessment, Referral, Advice and Throughcare services to individuals who may self refer at any point during their period in custody. CARATs also accept referrals from any other departments or agencies, both inside and out, and forms part of the sentence planning process. However, to ensure the work is meaningful, the service adheres to a strict confidentiality policy and client permission is always sought before any contact is made.

Accredited Offending Behaviour Programmes

  • Thinking Skills Programme
  • Sex Offender Treatment Programme (Core, Rolling & Adapted)
Her Majesty's Prison & Probation Service


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