Regime information for Kennet Prison

The regime at HMP Kennet is based on the resettlement needs of the individual. Each offender will be interviewed as part of a two-week induction process and advised on a learning journey that fits with his needs and future aspirations.

With the City of Liverpool being Capital of Culture in 2008 and the infrastructure investment that this is bringing, we have based our workshop training provision on the following skills:

  • Bricklaying
  • Plastering
  • Construction/Joinery
  • Painting & Decorating

Each workshop has a learning area with IT provision. These areas are used for vocational coursework and, in addition, used for Housing Advice, Banking Advice and other guidance.

There are also dedicated facilities for IT, Business Studies, Art & Design, Catering and Media Studies.


A full library service will be provided.


The Chaplaincy provides spiritual and pastoral care for all religions. There is a full-time chaplain and part-time chaplains from all the major religions who work as a multi-faith team. Each religion has an hour corporate worship and a group each week. Prisoners can ask to see a Chaplain for one to one pastoral care and Chaplains can be the link between prisoners and families particularly at times of bad news.


The Physical Education Learning Centre will assist its learners lead law abiding and useful lives whilst in custody and upon release. To achieve this we will work closely with all other agencies both inside and outside the establishment. We are committed to provide a decent and diverse PE programme that will include nationally recognised fitness industry qualifications, substance misuse programmes, healthcare referral programmes and recreational PE.

The gymnasium facility will be made available to persons at all levels of fitness, skill levels and ages. We aim to encourage a healthy lifestyle option for the whole of the Kennet community.

Drug Strategy

HMP Kennet is determined to provide an environment for all, in which staff, prisoners, visitors and outside agencies alike feel safe and secure, and recognise and respect the community within the establishment.

HMP Kennet's Drug Strategy policy is a commitment to helping people tackle their substance misuse problems whilst in custody, by:

  • Identifying people who have substance misuse issues.
  • Providing advice, treatment and support appropriate to the needs of Individual people.
  • Restricting the supply of drugs and their distribution at HMP Kennet
  • Reducing the harm caused by drug misuse to individuals, their families and the community.

Although the Governor is responsible for reporting to the Area Manager, all staff at HMP Kennet have a vital role within the Drug Strategy, in ensuring supply reduction measures are operating effectively. We take a ‘whole establishment ‘approach in tackling substance misuse, including alcohol issues, with strong links to community & voluntary sector partners. The Senior Management Team [SMT] are committed to ensuring that the Drug Strategy is dynamic and flexible to meet the changing needs of the establishment, and that the policies are developed and implemented.


The four probation officers seconded by Merseyside Probation Area will be at the centre of Offender Management at HMP Kennet, working in partnership with Prison colleagues and other service providers (Education, CARATS, etc.). Utilising their skills of risk assessment and planning they will work alongside other staff in teams which will liaise with outside probation colleagues to devise and deliver meaningful sentence plans, which will equip prisoners for the transition back into the community.

Disabled provision

The Governor of HMP Kennet is committed to a positive approach towards ensuring disabled access to facilities and services and in implementing the Prison Service's Disability Equality Scheme in providing equality of opportunity for all its staff and offenders. Facilities at HMP Kennet include disabled parking facilities near the gatehouse, dropped kerbs outside the establishment, clear, colour contrasted and tactile signage and colour coding of building types. Doorways to the Gatehouse and toilet facilities for visitors have been adapted to allow for use by wheelchair users, portable sound induction loops are installed at key areas, in addition to audible and visual fire alarms. There are sufficient disabled access toilets and showers for offenders and staff, lower reception counters, ramps and handrails throughout the establishment. For further information, contact the Disability Liaison Officer, PO Gary May.

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