Regime information for Kirklevington Grange Prison

Kirklevington’s aim is to prepare prisoners for their release by addressing their offending behaviour and encouraging them to take responsibility for their actions. Prisoners are encouraged to maintain and develop links with families and the wider community. Prisoners can in the final stages of their sentence progress to working out of the prison in full-time employment or undertake full time education as part of their preparation for release. Prisoners have a responsibility to work towards their sentence plan and progress through the risk assessment process to gain release on temporary licence.  Support and guidance are provided throughout. 

Prisoners at HMP Kirklevington have the opportunity to up skill their basic education on site, and address their offending related behavior by engaging with our in house drug and alcohol support team.

Our education provider offers an employability course which offers skills to support CV writing, interview skills and job search.  Our Training and Employment Group offers help and guidance in seeking employment where we have an extensive range of links with local employers who work in partnership with us to provide paid employment for our prisoners.  We can also organise a wide range of bespoke vocational training and source paid employment for serving prisoners. Job Centre plus visit the establishment weekly to offer information and guidance, as well as helping to complete Job Seekers Allowance applications in preparation for release.

Resettlement: Great emphasis placed on prisoners accepting personal responsibility for their actions.

All resettlement activity is based on sentence plan targets, which are reviewed regularly, together with robust ROTL risk assessments with focus on risks to the community. Prisoners have the opportunity to prepare for release through skills training and full-time employment.

On transfer to HMP Kirklevington, prisoners must complete a 3 month lay down period, in line with government policy.  Once this has been completed and the prisoner has been risk assessed as suitable for community work ROTL, he will then complete a minimum 30 days community work with the voluntary sector with placements ranging from various charity shops in the local community to assisting with Riding for the Disabled. A Community Work Task Force has been established at the prison. During 2014 over 1 million pounds unpaid work in the community was carried out by prisoners from Kirklevington Grange.

Healthcare: Healthcare at Kirklevington is a part-time Nurse and GP Service.

The goal for healthcare is to support prisoners and prepare them for release by encouraging them to take care of their own health needs.  Nursing staff at Kirklevington encourage health promotion using national guidelines.

Drug Strategy:

During 2015 Compact Based Drug Testing (CBDT) will be introduced within the prison. All prisoners are encouraged to agree to this voluntary testing regime, which covers a range of drugs and alcohol misuse issues. 

The DART service is provided in partnership with Lifeline and specialises in relapse prevention. The standard Prison Service MDT testing programme operates alongside, but separate to CBDT.

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