Regime information for Leicester Prison


A full I&EP Scheme (Incentive and Earned Privilege Scheme) runs and progression up and down is by Board decision only.  A Personal Officer Scheme is in operation throughout the establishment, as well as a First Night Centre.  Full prisoner induction is in place for all new arrivals.  Listeners and Insiders Scheme is also in place.  The CSU (Care and Separation Unit) comprises of six cells, toilet/shower area, separate exercise yard, one special accommodation cell.


The Learning and Skills accommodation has recently been developed and configured, now comprising of eight classrooms within the first two stories of a three story building. In addition to this, we have a dedicated classroom to accommodate Vulnerable Prisoners and we too provide education to those who are unable to access main education due to disabilities etc. In total, we are able to offer 120 FT equivalent spaces delivering employability, vocational and functional skills qualifications. The education contractor is Milton Keynes College and timetabled sessions are run Monday to Friday 08:05 - 11:15 & 13:05 - 16:00 (no education provision on Friday afternoons, evenings or on bank holidays).


Employment centres around education, kitchen, domestic cleaners, clothing Exchange Party and the waste management party. Various posts exist within the establishment to allow prisoners to develop mentoring skills, in particular they have an expanded role within the Substance Misuse Unit. Orderlies also have key prisoner roles within the establishment, e.g assisting with the delivery of the induction programme.


Primary Healthcare is commissioned by the PCT and provided by Leicestershire NHS Trust. Type 3 healthcare with 24 hour cover. Daily GP cover and weekly visits from psychiatrist, dentist, physiotherapist, psychologist and sexual health specialist. Optician and podiatrist provide monthly sessions. Mental Health In-Reach Team Monday to Friday.

Gymnasium & Sports

The gymnasium is staffed by three PEOs. PE facilities include gymnasium fitted with Fixed Weight Machines, Free Weights Apparatus and Cardiovascular Training Machines. Structured circuit training is offered as part of the gym programme. Full time gymnasium courses are available and offer training at entry level to the fitness industry. There is a full PE programme including weekday, evening and weekend sessions.


Chaplaincy team is a full time managing chaplain and full time Imam, supported by other part-time staff.

The chapel is located on the top level of the Education / Association building. A Multi-Faith Room is available for use in the same area.
A United service is held on Sunday mornings for VPU prisoners separately, followed by the Church of England service. Hindu meetings are held on Mondays. Sikh Worship is held on Tuesdays. Roman Catholic Mass is held on Thursdays. Muslim Prayers are held on Fridays.
In addition the Chaplaincy team facilitates basic and advanced Koran classes, a Bible study and an Emmaus course. The Chaplaincy team co-ordinate AA meetings, run a Relationships Course; they also offer Bereavement Counselling.


The kitchen is well equipped and managed by the Catering Services Manager, staffed with five caterers and a prisoner work party. A four-week menu cycle is in operation. Pre-selection is in operation throughout the establishment. Food is very good in terms of presentation, taste and nutritional content.

Substance Misuse Services

All prisoners have the opportunity to see a Substance Misuse Nurse on reception into the Establishment. An assessment will be conducted and if a clinical intervention is required a consultation with the GP will take place to discuss the options available. Each person requiring Substance Misuse support will be allocated a named Worker from the Team, together they will devise an action plan to address the substance misuse issues whilst in custody and for when they return to the community. Interventions available at HMP Leicester are group work (some of the topics covered are Harm Reduction, Overdose Prevention, Clinical Interventions, Blood Borne Viruses), 1-1 work to identify triggers and cues of use and put in place coping strategies for relapse prevention, Clinical treatment (detox, maintenance for short term sentences & reduction regimes), Building Recovery in Substance Misuse - an 8 session programme with 14 participants which uses cognitive behavioural techniques to address substance misuse, referrals to Prison Rehabs, Community Rehabs, Prison Therapeutic Communities and to the persons local Criminal Justice Drug Team on release to ensure that they can continue to receive support.

Her Majesty's Prison & Probation Service


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