Regime information for Lewes Prison

A full range of education classes available, Prisoners are employed in 3 workshops, employed in gardens and various orderly jobs. A job club and a comprehensive PE Programme is available, and a listener scheme for those prisoners who may be at risk from suicide or self harm.


Lewes has type 3 healthcare centre, with a full time senior medical officer. Health care is provided on a 24 hour basis and the prison makes use of specialist NHS facilities when needed.

Drugs Strategy

Prisoners are interviewed on reception. Detoxification is offered if needed. A drug worker follows up applications for assistance received from prisoners and contacts every mandatory drug test (MDT) failure to offer advice/assistance.

Detoxification is available in the healthcare centre, and 1-to-1 counselling/advice is available from a drug worker and other agencies throughout the prison.

The prison is represented on the local Drug Action Team and representatives of outside drug agencies are members of the prisons Drug Strategy Team.

Her Majesty's Prison & Probation Service


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