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HMP/YOI Littlehey works in partnership through a multi agency approach to provide a safe, decent and constructive regime that challenges offending behaviour, reduces re-offending and prevents further victims. To do this we provide a wide range of work provision including accredited vocational training courses in carpentry, joinery, motor mechanics, hospitality and ICT, educational classes ranging from basic and key skills to degree level learning; there is also production and domestic work; offending behaviour programmes including Kaizen and Horizon. These programmes replaced the sex offender treatment programmes that were previosuly delivered, 12. We strive to support release plans through effective sentence planning and support resettlement  With partners such as CF03 and Job Centre Plus.We offer support through 'Buddies' to combat bullying, 'Listeners' to support those at risk from suicide and self harm and race equality to assist with diversity issues.

Our aim to return people to the community and enable them to live law abiding and purposeful lives.


HMP Littlehey has a type II Healthcare facility with health care services commissioned and provided  by NHS England It is unsuitable for those prisoners requiring 24 hour care.

There are two health care departments, one for each side of the establishment to meet the needs of our entire population of category C prisoners.

Mental Health services are provided by the NHS GP services are provided by Medac's combined with a wide variety of nurse-led and pharmacy-led clinics. Additionally, on site specialist services include dentistry, optometry, podiatry and physiotherapy. Services normally delivered in secondary care such as genitor-urinary medicine, ENT and dermatology are provided within the establishment.

Opening hours are
07:30 – 19:30 Monday to Thursday
07:30 – 17:15 Friday/Saturday/Sunday and bank holidays

Drug Strategy

The Drug Strategy Co-ordinator and Chair of the Drug Strategy Committee is the Head of Security, whose aim is to adopt a 'whole prison', proactive approach to the use of prescribed and illicit drugs within the establishment. There is a series of support mechanisms available to residents as well as an extensive VDT programme.

Her Majesty's Prison & Probation Service


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