Regime information for Long Lartin Prison

Long Lartin provides a regime designed to offer prisoners a choice of challenging activities that will enable them to make the changes necessary to lead law abiding lives in custody and after release. These activities include contract work, where prisoners work in busy activity areas assembling plumbing equipment and recycling CDs for commercial companies earning enhanced wages. In addition, there is a range of vocational training opportunities including a woodcraft training area, bricklaying, barbering, industrial cleaning, laundry and painting and decorating. All activity areas are developing accreditation as a key part of the regime to enhance prisoner employability upon release, as well as providing settlement to long-term offenders. A popular gymnasium, which has been extended, offers a range of recreational facilities as well as accredited courses.

The Education Department offers a wide range of learning opportunities both in the classroom and the workplace. It focuses on the need to raise basic skills with a fully equipped Skills for Life Workshop, whilst also offering Open University courses to those who wish to study at degree level.

An excellent library provides a wide range of reading material and music in the form of CDs. Offending behaviour programmes include courses for those with emotional management, violence and substance abuse problems.

Accommodation & Facilities

There are six main residential units (A, B, C, D, Perrie Red and Perrie Blue) and a Detainee Unit which are all supported by a Healthcare, Programmes and Segregation Unit. Previously Long Lartin had two other residential units E & F wings which were recently demolished and the construction of a replacement purpose built two wing 180 house block has commenced. This is due to become operational in 2009. The newest accommodation Perrie wing which opened in 1999 comprises of two spurs, Red and Blue and holds 120 prisoners, making it the largest residential unit at Long Lartin. Perrie Blue wing is the induction unit. The other main units can each hold up to 77 prisoners. The Segregation Unit, which is attached to Perrie wing, can accommodate 38 prisoners and includes the facility to hold CSC prisoners. All the main residential units have wing access doors and cell doors controlled with electric locks except for Perrie wing. All residential units have toilet and shower facilities on every landing and Perrie wing benefits from in-cell sanitation.

There is an IEP system with standard and enhanced prisoners being offered the opportunity of an in-cell TV and cooking facilities. All wings have associated rooms with an in-cell TV that can offer access to selected free to air channels and a dedicated video information channel. There are also table tennis tables and pool tables. All prisoners are subject to mandatory drugs testing (MDT) and there are voluntary testing arrangements (VTA) throughout the prison. There is a personal officer scheme, drugs counselling and an offender management unit.

Prison Shop
Provides a bagging system where prisoners order the items they would like from a list, the goods are bagged and delivered to them on Fridays. Prisoners may supplement earnings with private cash. Prisoners' wages are paid by credit transfer.

Gymnasium & Sports
The PE Department operates a seven day per week programme which includes five evening sessions. Prisoners are allowed to apply for two sessions within the working week Monday to Friday, one evening session per week and two sessions at the weekends – enhanced prisoners will get priority at the weekend. The department includes a full size sports hall, a weight-training room with a section for fitness training and a purpose built classroom and an all weather area. The PE programme also offers many opportunities to gain nationally accredited qualifications. A sports representative committee is in operation and sits once per month to raise and discuss issues relating to improving and developing the PE provision at HMP Long Lartin.

The Healthcare Centre is staffed by a multi-disciplinary team of nurses employed by Worcestershire Primary Care Trust NHS. The GPs are employed through the Trust via an agency. We are essentially a Primary Care facility so you would expect to find the same services here as you would find in your local GP practice. For example, there are nurse-led clinics for long-term condition management such as asthma, diabetes etc and in addition, we hold regular clinics for dentistry, optometry, podiatry and physiotherapy. We have a small x-ray unit for routine x-rays. There are a number of visiting Consultants and Specialists. Forensic psychiatry is provided by a Consultant from Reaside Clinic supported by a team of psychiatric nurses who are a part of our multi-disciplinary team. We also have a small Acute Admissions Unit for those people who would benefit from some increased nursing intervention in the short-term.

The Security Care & Control Unit has 38 single cells with in-cell sanitation; there are also two special cells which are covered by CCTV. The Unit has its own enclosed exercise area. The Education Department provides support and there are daily visits by a Governor, IMB, Chaplain and Doctor. Adjudications are normally held in the morning on a daily basis except for Sundays and Public Holidays.

The kitchen is operated by a mix of civilian, uniformed grades and prisoners. It operates a 3-week menu cycle, with 4 choices at dinner.

Headed by the co ordinating Chaplain, the Chaplaincy Team is made up of three full-time and a number of part-time and sessional Chaplains in the multi-faith team. At present there are two chapels and a range of multi-faith rooms. The Chaplaincy team provides pastoral care for staff and prisoners alike. The aim is to enable prisoners to discover and develop a spiritual awareness and to practice their chosen faith both individually and in groups. In addition to the faith specific services and groups, there are a range of general activities involving art; music; concerts; seminars and bereavement support offered. There is a scheme to enable prisoners to send out flowers and to purchase trainers and radios.

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