Long Lartin prison visiting information

Social visits

Tue: 14:00 - 16:15
Thu: 14:00 - 16:15
Sat:  14:00 - 16:00
Sun: 14:00 - 16:00

Official visits 

Tue: 09:30-11:30 and 14:00 – 16:15
Thu: 09:30-11:30 and 14:00 – 16:15

Booking Information: All visits must be booked at least 72 hours in advance. Either on the dedicated booking line 01386295188 between the hours of 09:30-14:30 Mon – Fri, or digitally by visiting www.gov.uk/prison-visits.

All legal visits must be booked 72 hours in advance on the dedicated email address legalvisits.longlartin@hmps.gsi.gov.uk.

Each session requires the prisoner to have 1 visiting entitlement.

Up to 3 adults (over 18) together with accompanying children (under 18) are allowed each visit.

Subject to any public protection considerations, flexibility will be shown towards accommodating large families who wish to visit together. There are a number of larger family tables available specifically for this purpose.

Please note: You cannot visit a prisoner on a day that they attend court.

Additional information

Facilities on offer at the visitors' centre:

  • Information and advice about prison routines and visiting procedures
  • Information regarding The Assisted Prison Visits Scheme
  • Other organisations that offer help
  • A Kiosk selling snacks and hot and cold drinks. (no hot food)
  • Family support worker, toys for children to play with
  • Toilets and baby changing facilities

Is there disabled access?

Yes. The entrance to the visitors' centre is at ground level; there are no steps. There is also a disabled toilet available. Should you need any assistance when visiting HMP Long Lartin please inform the staff on arrival.

How many visits is the prisoner allowed?

  • Remand prisoners will be allowed visits on at least 3 days of the week including the opportunity for a visit on a Saturday or Sunday, normally every weekend and at least once a fortnight
  • Convicted prisoners are allowed visits on any of the specified visiting days subject to visiting entitlements

The first visit

If it is the first time a prisoner has come into prison, they are entitled to a 'reception visit' within the first week of entering the prison. Like all other visits, you must arrange this through the booking clerks by ringing the Booking Line on 01386295188.

Before you visit

Give yourself plenty of time to get to HMP Long Lartin; the visitors centre opens at 9 am for morning sessions and 1pm for afternoon sessions. You may begin the visits booking in process any time after the centre opens.

You will need to bring identification with you - please see the list of appropriate ID below. You will also need to bring a £1 to use in the locker where your belongings will be kept while you are on the visit. (The £1 is refunded.) No change is provided by the Visitor Centre.

You may be refused entry to the prison if you wear clothes or shoes to the visit which breach security concerns.

The following types of clothing are not permitted:

  • Short/cropped tops that reveal a naked midriff.
  • Low cut tops or shirts that are unbuttoned to reveal cleavage or bare chest.
  • All clothing that does not cover the thigh area showing bare flesh.
  • Shorts, dresses and skirts must be knee length
  • All types of see-through clothing.
  • Any clothing with rips or tears.
  • Headwear (other than for religious purposes).
  • Clothing that displays offensive material.
  • No clothing with camouflage print
  • No slippers or flip flops, footwear should be enclosed at the heel and toe (not applicable to children aged 5 and under)
  • No footwear with protective toecaps.

All clothing should be of a type which would allow staff to carry out the required levels of searching without difficulty.

In addition to the above, the following items will not be allowed into the establishment:

  • Any clothing fitted with large buckles, chains and/or excessive amounts of zips.
  • Belts with large buckles.
  • Hats.
  • Scarves.
  • Gloves.
  • Handkerchiefs (tissues are available in the Visits hall).
  • Watches.
  • Excessive jewellery or any piercings which cannot be easily shown to searching staff.
  • padded jackets or coats

Locker facilities are located in the Visitors Centre for outer garments and personal effects. Visitors are reminded that staff are required to search visitors as a condition of entry and that all visits take place at the discretion of the Visits Manager.

What to bring as ID

No-one under the age of 18 can visit alone unless visiting a parent by special arrangement. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian whilst visiting. If a child is not accompanied by their parent, permission must be given by the parent prior to the visit being booked.

All visitors over 18 years old must provide 2 forms of identification (must be photographic ID and proof of address) or their visit will be refused.
Visitors over 16 must provide 1 form of photographic ID from the list below.

Biometrics: Since March 2012, the prison has used a biometric system where visitors’ finger prints and facial photos will be taken on the first visit. These are then used for proof of ID for any later visits, however please always bring your photo ID and proof of address with you. You will not be permitted entry without identification.

Acceptable ID

Visitors may be identified by 1 of the following:

  • passport, including foreign passports, and time expired passports where the photograph is still recognisable
  • EC identity card
  • driving licence
  • benefits book
  • senior citizen’s public transport photo pass issued by local authority
  • employers or student ID card but only if this clearly shows the name of the visitor and the employer or educational establishment, and has a photograph or signature which can be compared with the visitor’s appearance or signature, and if the Foreign Nationals identity card

If the visitor is unable to produce 1 of the above, staff may accept combinations of 2 or more of the following:

  • birth/marriage certificate
  • cheque book or credit/debit card (counts as one: do not accept as two)
  • employer’s pass or ID or student ID card not acceptable under ** above
  • young person’s ‘proof of age’ card
  • trade union or National Students’ Union membership card
  • rent book
  • foreign identity or residents’ card (other than EC ID cards acceptable in their own right)

Bringing the children

Inside the visits hall is a children's play area, which provides toys, games and crafts. There is a qualified play worker on site.

Please note, all children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times whilst in the Visitor’s Centre.

Booking in for a visit

To visit a prisoner at HMP Long Lartin you must have:

  • a pre-booked appointment
  • appropriate ID

At the visitors centre, the above items will be checked to confirm your visit.

You will then have to complete biometrics, wear a wrist band and have a ultra-violet stamp on your hand to validate your entry to the visits hall.

What is biometrics?

Biometric is a system that records a 3-D image of your finger and stores it on a computer against an image of your face for recognition purposes. It is checked as you go in and out of the visit. All visitors and Category ‘A’ visitors must complete this process. Also all visitors will have a non-harmful ultra-violet stamp upon their hand, again for recognition purposes.

What can I take into the visits hall?

Visitors must leave all property in their vehicle or the Visitors Centre with the exception of the articles listed below:

  • £20.00 in change
  • Medication. (To be held by Visits I/C until necessary use)
  • 3 x nappies per infant (and baby wipes)
  • Babies bottle, dummies and unopened jar of baby food and / or an unopened carton of milk
  • Locker Key
  • In the case of Legal Advisors or other professional visitors, documents (legal, under Rule 39) and briefcases, containing documents needed for the visit

No recording equipment may be taken into the visit room without express permission from the Head of Operations.

Apart from illegal items, there are also prohibited items, which are not allowed into the prison.  These include:

  • Items which may aid an escape, e.g. wire or abrasive materials
  • Items that present a clear security risk, e.g. chewing gum or wax
  • Any children’s toys, particularly toy guns or imitation weapons
  • Mobile phones, cameras or recording equipment
  • Any consumables
  • Tobacco

These items must be placed in a visitor locker.

Prison Officers may confiscate property if the property is evidence for which there are grounds for arrest.

Will I be searched?

All visitors to HMP Long Lartin will be searched on their way to the visits hall. A prison officer will carry out a rub down and metal detection search and you will be searched by a passive dog. Coats, jackets and shoes will be x-rayed.

Inside the visits hall

  • for security reasons, the room will be patrolled by prison officers and monitored by CCTV cameras
  • for safety reasons, children must stay with the person who brought them, or in the play area, and not run around the visits hall
  • any complaints should be raised with the senior officer in charge of the visits hall
  • smoking is not allowed
  • once you enter the visits hall you will be allocated a table where you will have your visit
  • you are allowed to purchase refreshments from the hatch, but please remember that the prisoner can take nothing from the visits hall back to his residential unit

Acceptable behaviour on visits

We wish to make your visit as comfortable as possible however would ask you to consider that the following must be adhered to at all times.

  • During the visit all physical contact between prisoners and their visitors will be in the sight of staff
  • Hands are to be seen at all times
  • No contraband to be passed
  • Visitors and prisoners are to remain fully clothed at all times
  • Visitors will not be able to:
    - Sit on prisoners laps
    - Engage in any act of indecency
    - Join any other visit
  • No prisoner is allowed in the play area with the exception of family visits
  • All prisoners are to remain seated

Do you need help with travel costs?

If you are on a low income or you receive benefits, you might be entitled to get help from the government with the cost of visiting your relative in prison. Help is provided by the Assisted Prison Visits Unit (APVU). You can claim for 2 visits a month.

For more information about the APVU:

  • ask at the visitors' centre
  • call the APVU on 03000 362 100
  • Freepost BM2257, PO Box 2152, Birmingham, B15 1BR
  • Phone: 03000 362 100 Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays) 09:00 - 17:00
  • Textphone: 0845 304 0800 (times as above)
  • Fax: 0121 626 3474 (24 hrs)
  • Email: assisted.prison.visits@noms.gsi.gov.uk

I’m worried about the prisoner I am visiting, who do I talk to?

In the first instance please speak to a member of Visitor Centre staff or you can call the orisoner at risk hotline on 0800 496 1455.

Prison Voicemail service

Social contacts can exchange voicemails with prisoners through the Prison Voicemail service, which is available at this establishment. Family members or friends sign up online and are given a unique landline phone number which they can call at any time to leave messages. The prisoner dials the same number from within the prison to listen and reply. You can find more information including pricing at www.prisonvoicemail.com.

How to get there: Long Lartin is situated approximately 6 miles from Evesham, in Worcestershire. Evesham is a historic market town with all major facilities available locally. There are directions attached to the visiting order.

  • Bus: There is a regular bus service to Long Lartin from Evesham, which is approximately 6 miles away.
  • Train: Evesham Railway Station is approximately 6 miles away. Honeybourne station is approximately 3 minutes from the prison, but this is only a platform. There is no telephone so only use this station if you have pre-booked a taxi.There are direct trains from London, Oxford, Birmingham, Hereford and Worcester to these stations.
  • Car: Directions from M40 Junction 15: A46 to Stratford upon Avon, A34 to centre of Stratford upon Avon, B439 to Bidford on Avon (use local roads). Turn left over bridge to Honeybourne. Just before Honeybourne turn right to South Littleton. Long Lartin approx 1 mile on left.
  • Directions from M5 Junction9: A46 to Evesham (use local roads). Head for South Littleton. At South Litteton, turn right to Honeybourne. Long Lartin is approx 1 mile on right.
  • Car parking is available.
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