Regime information for Maidstone Prison

HMP Maidstone is a Category ‘C' Foreign National Prison that works in partnership through a multi agency approach to provide a safe, decent and constructive regime that challenges offending behaviour, reduces re-offending and prevents further victims. Regime activities include workshops, gymnasium, and education.

Maidstone is a centre for Category C Foreign National Prisoners (FNP) with between 3 and 30 months left to serve, and provides liaison & forums with Home Office Immigration Enforcement.

Education and Activities

HMP Maidstone offers various education courses as well as work opportunities including a printing workshop, waste management, horticulture, tailors and contract workshops. There are vocational workshops including bricks and decorating.

Physical Education

A purpose built Weights / Fitness room was opened in December 2004, which consists of free weights and fixed weight machines; also a range of Cardio Vascular equipment including cross trainers, treadmills, bikes and rowers. We have a generation 3 Astro-Turf Football Pitch.

Offending Behaviour Programmes

At present, HMP Maidstone delivers TSP (Thinking Skills Programme), SOTP (Sex Offender Treatment Programme).

TSP: Consists of 19 sessions (15 group and 4 individual sessions), plus the post programme review. Participants must have a minimum of 10 to 12 weeks to serve in order to complete the programme.

The aim of the Thinking Skills programme is to reduce re offending. The following areas of `thinking` are targeted by the programme; stop and think, emotional awareness, problem solving, perspective taking, offence free relationships, goals and values and seeing the whole picture.

TSP requires participants to practice the above skills by using them to identify and manage personal risk factors, develop personally relevant protective factors and to achieve pro social goals linked with relapse prevention.

SOTP: there are currently two types of SOTP programme run at Maidstone. The Core Programme – This is for Medium to High-risk sexual offenders as measured by the Risk Matrix 2000. It consists of approximately 86 sessions which are delivered at 5 sessions per week with up to 9 offenders on each group. The Core programme is designed to target belief systems that may be associated with sexual offending, help offenders develop a greater awareness of the harm caused to victims of sexual abuse and help offenders plan for fulfilling an offence free life.

The Better Lives Booster – This programme is for sexual offenders who have successfully completed one or more of the initial SOTP Programmes, including Core, Extended, or Adapted Programmes. The aim of the programme is to refresh, maintain and enhance learning from these previous programmes.

There are two versions of the programme available; a high intensity version delivered at three sessions per week for men within 12 months of release, and a low intensity version delivered at 1 session per week for men who have completed the initial SOTP Courses early in their sentence although they still have over 2 years left to serve. HMP Maidstone currently offers the high intensity version of the programme, which has 32 sessions.

Offenders should have a minimum of 12 months to enable them to have enough time to complete the course and the Case Conference

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