Regime information for Norwich Prison

Our profiled establishment Regime provides all those in our care with access to the following facilities:


Education is staffed by seven full-time and twenty part-time teachers. This provision is managed through the OLASS regional contract with the LSC, across five locations within the establishment.

Our Education provision reflects an emphasis on Basic Skills (Literacy & Numeracy), Key Work Skills, Social & Life Skills and IT across both the Reception and Local Discharge Unit sites. Other available courses include ESOL, Basic Food Hygiene, Basic First Aid, Health and Safety, NVQ Catering, Painting & Decorating, Arts & Crafts and pre-release work programmes.

Workshops & Programmes

A number of workshop places are available across the prison varying from Printing, Textiles, Contract packing Services, Single portions and Gardens (with City and Guilds accreditation available to identified prisoners).

Our Offending Behaviour Programme (OBP) makes full use of the Short Duration Drug Programme (SDP) which is designed for prisoners held on remand, or within the last six months of their sentence.

We are currently developing an Alcohol programme, which is due to go-live towards the end of April 2010.

In place, alongside both of these, are A-Z motivational programmes intended to engage people and motivate them to undertake Offending Behaviour Programmes if/when they are transferred to other East of England prisons.


HMP Norwich has Type 3 Healthcare Centre status, with a maximum of 32 beds being available.

There is 24 hour nursing cover, provided by 1 x Health Care Manager, 1 x Health Care Principal Officer, 2 x Health Care Senior Officers, 2 x F Grade Nurses, 20 E Grade Nurses and 8 Health Care Officers.

HMP Norwich provides in-patient beds for HMP Wayland and HMP Blundeston. Weekly visits are made by a Dentist, with Optician/Chiropody services being available on a monthly basis. Use is made of NHS services (Asthma and G.U. clinics) when necessary.

Gymnasium & Sports

Norwich has three separate gymnasiums and an artificial multi-use surface with programmes being staffed by a PE Senior Officer and nine PE Officers. All gymnasiums offer a wide range of clubs and run an accredited Gym Instructors Course at Level 1, 2 and 3.

Faith & Religion

HMP Norwich provides access to 1 x full-time Pentecostal Acting/Co-ordinating Chaplain, 1 x part-time Imam, 1 x part-time Church of England Chaplain and a part-time Roman Catholic Chaplain.

Prisoners can also receive spiritual support from a Buddhist Chaplain, Quaker Chaplain, Mormon Chaplain, Jehovah Witness Chaplain, Sikh Chaplain and a Jewish Rabbi.

There is a large Christian chapel in the Reception prison and a multi-faith room.

There is a multi-faith space within the Local Discharge Unit, and a separate multi-faith space in the Health Care Centre.

The Chaplaincy holds midweek groups during most daytimes and evenings.

Prisoners who reside in Britannia House visit faith centres located within the city of Norwich and surrounding areas.

Roman Catholic services take place every Saturday. Church of England, and Free Church, services are held on Sunday.

The Chaplaincy holds midweek groups during most daytimes and evenings.

There are other Multi-faith rooms available for the use of all faiths across the prison site.

Drugs Strategy

Prisoners with a drug problem are identified at various stages:

  • at the initial health care screening;
  • on the induction programme;
  • by CARAT assessment;
  • by random Mandatory Drug Testing;
  • by self referral;
  • on receipt of previous medical records.

Arrangements can be made for detoxification, drug rehabilitation, treatment, education, CARAT assessment and Hep C nurse consultation. Places are funded for prisoners utilising our Compact-Based Drug Testing (CBDT) programmes (available across the establishment).

The establishment is fully live with IDTS which can identify prisoners clinically recognised as having opiate substance misuse issues, and can place them onto a substitute prescribing regime. Our long-term aim is to safely reduce an individual's need for medication, over a period of time, to enable them to become drug-free.

Norwich PCT is contracted in to provide health promotion (BBV).

The establishment is represented on the local Drugs Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) and is also involved in community work.

Community drugs agencies such as the DIP Norfolk and Suffolk are members of the Drug Strategy Team.

Her Majesty's Prison & Probation Service


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