Regime information for Parc Prison

HMP & YOI Parc offers a progressive and challenging regime in a modern environment. A range of activities aim to equip offenders with the key skills necessary to reduce the risk of re-offending after release.


Education is provided by an in-house education department. Open 5 days a week, 50 weeks per year, offering a wide range of subjects including English, Maths, I.T., Art, Music, Hospitality and Languages plus a range of vocational qualifications. HMP Parc was awarded the Basic Skills Agency Quality Mark in June 2000. Evening classes 3 nights per week. We cater for qualifications up to and including Open University courses.


Managed by Bridgend Library and Information Service, open 6 days per week. Includes reference section, foreign languages, careers, study desks, wide range of material.

Gymnasium and Sports

Purpose-built gymnasium, weights room, and fitness room. All of the indoor facilities are in use for 10 hours every day. In fine weather the external hard surface areas are utilised. The gymnasium and sports facilities are open 7 days a week, 364 days a year (closed Christmas day).

Industries Complex

Our Industries complex comprises 9 workshops including Carpentry, Car Mechanics, Graphic Design and Print, and Industrial Cleaning. All other workshops are dedicated to manufacturing contracts with local companies. Goods inwards/production control stores. Employment board meets weekly. Industries employ 200 prisoners. Vulnerable prisoner Unit has self-contained Industries section employing 40 people.



09.00: Holy Communion - Vulnerable Prisoners Unit
10.00: Christian Worship for main prison


18.30: Bible Study - Main


10.00: Pagan Group - VPU
11.00: Buddhist Group - VPU
18.30: Music Group - Young Persons Unit


10.00: Sikh Group - VPU
11.00: Muslim Class and Prayers - VPU
11.00: Sikh Group - Main
14.00: Muslim Class and Prayers - Main
18.30: Bible Study - Main
18.30: Bible Study - VPU


14.00: Jehovah's Witness Group - VPU
15.00: Jehovah's Witness Group - Main
15.00: Discussion Group (Elderly prisoners) - VPU alternate Thursdays


10.30: Muslim sermon and prayers - VPU
13.30: Roman Catholic Communion Service - VPU
14.00: Muslim sermon and prayers - VPU


09.00: Roman Catholic Mass - Main
10.00: Christian Worship - Young Persons Unit.

Parc also have good support from National Association of Prison Visitors who regularly visit prisoners.


Healthcare is provided by Primecare. The in-patient area is staffed by registered nurses and provides for both the physical and mental health needs of those patients requiring 24hr nursing presence. Primary care at out-patients is delivered by medical staff and registered nurses and the healthcare centre has the opportunity to draw upon the broader expertise of the range of healthcare services within the Bro Morgannwg NHS Trust. There is an in-patient ward with 24 beds, all with integral sanitation. Dentist visits twice weekly, Optician weekly, Psychiatrist twice weekly, also Physiotherapist, Genito-Urinary, Chiropody and Dietics available.

Drugs Strategy

HMP & YOI Parc will not tolerate the presence and use of illicit drugs in the establishment. We take the difficulties surrounding substance misuse very seriously, and provide a comprehensive service for those who wish to address their drug/alcohol misuse while they are in custody. To reduce the supply of drugs within HMP YOI Parc, we have in operation effective security measures to restrict smuggling of drugs. These measures are in accordance with the Security Manual & National Security framework. We have an integrated strategy designed to reduce the supply of drugs, reduce the demand for drugs and to provide a range of clinical, psychosocial and educational interventions to assist in addressing substance use and substance related offending.

Our services include:

  • Three voluntary testing units (1 in YOI, 1 in Adult estate and 1 Rule 45 Own Protection Unit.). The units provide support for those prisoners who make a clear commitment to remain drug-free and sign a compact to engage in random voluntary urine tests. All VTU prisoners will be tested a minimum of 18 times per year and will also be subject to Mandatory Drug Testing (MDTs). Structured support is offered on an individual needs basis via PCO 5's, Personal Officers, referral to CARAT workers where appropriate, and referral to relevant programmes & Interventions, as deemed appropriate.
  • Compliance Testing - All enhanced status prisoners are required to sign a Voluntary Drug Testing compact agreeing to be tested on a random basis, to comply with the requirements of this regime.
  • Clinical provision for maintenance management programmes, detoxification, and management of stimulant withdrawal and naltraxone prescriptions pre-release is provided via Prime care.
  • A team of designated CARAT workers are in post in HMP YOI Parc. CARAT clients have the opportunity to engage in a full assessment of substance related needs and related care planning. A range of 1-2-1 interventions (harm reduction, overdose awareness, drug use and offending, relapse prevention, relationships and drug use & safer injecting) is provided via the CARAT team on an individual need basis. Counselling and group work is provided within the CARATs framework for those assessed as needing these types of intervention.
  • P-ASRO (Prison Addressing Substance Related Offending) is an accredited cognitive behavioural group work programme designed to address drug dependence and related offending. PASRO is run on the adult Voluntary Testing Unit. There is provision for 96 spaces per year, open to residents of all main location wings (A block, B block, C block), subject to meeting selection criteria. Compliance with a VTU and P-ASRO compact is mandatory to the programme.The programme is divided into four sections, comprising twenty sessions over a five-week period. P-ASRO is a generic programme for users of any kind of substance, whose substance use is associated with their crimes. Delivery in prison will be to offenders with drug misuse or poly-drug misuse that may include alcohol. The Aim of PASRO is to reduce offending behaviour by tackling the drug use of offenders.

Attitudes, thinking and behaviour

We offer a comprehensive suite of programmes and interventions. These are designed specifically to address and promote change with regard to the particular cognitive deficits and criminogenic attitudes that are common within the majority of offenders serving a custodial sentence. Our services comprise a mixture of Home Office accredited offending behaviour programmes and innovative pilot schemes exclusively developed within HMP&YOI Parc. Our new 'Art of Living' (AoL) pilot programme is a nonoffence focused course aimed at offenders who either find it difficult to use traditional methods of learning, or simply refuse to engage. It uses art to allow offender behaviours to be addressed through cognitive skills development.

Offender Management & Interventions

We are committed to the effective resettlement of offenders back into the community. Research from the Social Exclusion Unit Report (2003) shows that the three main factors in preventing reoffending are: good family links, employment and housing. The Offender Management & Interventions team at Parc consists of dedicated staff who offer offending behaviour courses, prerelease training programmes and workshops to prisoners nearing their date of release.The department works closely with over 47 external and voluntary agencies to support prisoners during this vulnerable period. Among the services offered are:

  • Get Real workshops – exploring job opportunities in the community
  • PDAT Pre-ReleaseWorkshop –The Peer Drug Awareness Team (PDAT) is a small group of prisoners trained to give advice and support on substance misuse issues to other offenders
  • Progress to Work – a Job Centre Plus initiative aimed at helping substance misusers back into training and employment
  • Community Services Volunteers – offering voluntary work for offenders in the community

HMP&YOI Parc also offers practical, tangible Resettlement interventions - prisoners are approached and invited to take specific opportunities that exist in order to maximise the chance that they will achieve success upon release. The interventions include Site Safety Certificate, Parenting, BICS (level 1 & 2), First Aid, Conflict Management, Yoga/Stress Management, Supervising Health & Safety, (Removed Gate) Work Track Training, Citizenship and JobCentre and Careers advice. There are also a number of in cell packages such as Driving Theory, Drug Awareness, Business Start Up and Money Management. Many of these courses have been funded in total, or partially, by the ESF together with Custody 2 Work.

Also a full-time FamilyWorker aims to re-establish links with a prisoner's family, while specially trained Prison Housing Advisors provide individual interviews with offenders close to their release.

Parc Supporting Families

Parc Supporting Families (PSF) is a multi-systemic steering group, comprising of key staff from the prison and the local communities who have a vested interest in the support of children and families of offenders. Since 2005 PSF has been creating a solid foundation in its provision for the children and families of offenders at Parc, innovations include: A 24/7 support and advice telephone line, a Family link Officer on every wing, two revamped supervised children's play areas, special family visit days with parent/child engagement activities, two child focused information and myth-busting comics, and integrated visitors centre, and a free shuttle bus service.

The PSF has been cited in Parliament by Baroness Scotland, along with an upheld recommendation by NOMS that all Welsh prisons need to create a similar model.

Her Majesty's Prison & Probation Service


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