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Pentonville Prison was established by Act of Parliament and received its first prisoners on 21st December 1842. It was the first radial design prison, and over 60 other prisons in this country, and many more around the World owe their design to Pentonville. The influential prison administrator Major Joshua Jebb was the designer of Pentonville and he also served as one of the Board of Commissioners. Pentonville was also unique in being established specifically for the purpose of rehabilitation, and was created to implement the ‘separate system’ which aimed to reform prisoners prior to their transportation to Australia. Today the prison’s design is largely untouched and its purpose as a place of reform and rehabilitation also remains firmly in place.

HMP Pentonville
Caledonian Road
N7 8TT

Tel: 020 7023 7000
Fax: 020 7023 7001

Governor: Kevin Reilly

Accommodation: Cells

Operational capacity: 1256 as of 31 August 2017

Reception criteria: Normal reception arrangements: Pentonville is a local prison, it accepts all suitable male prisoners over the age of 18 from courts in its catchment area.

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