Regime information for Peterborough Prison

The regime at Peterborough includes a varied provision of education and workshop places on each side of the prison. There are library facilities for the male and female sides of the prison which operate as a branch of Peterborough Library Services. HMP/YOI Peterborough also has Learn Direct Centres.

We can help residents achieve recognised qualifications in important subjects like reading, literacy and numeracy skills (mathematics). We also offer Information Communication Technology (ICT) to help them improve their computer skills.

As well as academic subjects, we also offer a range of practical skills training. Residents can achieve accredited qualifications in the workshops and gym, helping to improve their employment prospects.

Internal employment opportunities

There are a range of opportunities for residents to gain work experience and earn additional income while they are resident at HMP Peterborough. Carrying out work activities means they can include additional skills on their CV and helps to prepare them for getting into employment upon release.

Training and vocational opportunities

  • Cleaning academy
  • Catering and hospitality
  • Gym – Focus
  • Gym – Healthy lifestyle
  • Gym – Stress
  • Gym – Nutrition


  • Contact centre
  • Gardens
  • Wing work
  • Orderlies – various locations
  • Orange Band – cleaning (all areas)
  • Learning Support Assistant (LSA)
  • Learning Skills Champion (LSC)
  • Healthcare workers
  • Connections
  • Other peer support role

We offer an Employment and Training Support course which residents can complete when they have three weeks or less left to serve.

The course includes:

  • Preparing a CV and advice on adapting it to match job vacancies
  • Preparing cover letters to support the CV
  • Preparing and sending out speculative letters to companies that may require their expertise
  • Practice completing application forms
  • Carrying out live job searches and applying for jobs through the ‘virtual campus’
  • Creating a disclosure statement and discussing the best time to disclose

We also offer help to residents on a variety of issues including:

  • job searching
  • writing a CV
  • interview techniques
  • disclosure
  • college applications
  • finding training opportunities

We understand that drug and alcohol issues, mental health issues and a lack of stable accommodation can all have an impact on finding employment. We offer courses that can help with these issues, including ‘Substance misuse’ and ‘Individual development skills’.

Residents can also book appointments with the Resettlement team to make sure they see the right person to help with any issues they may be facing.

Children and families

HMP Peterborough is dedicated to helping reduce the risk of re-offending by ensuring all relationships are not only maintained but strengthened through maintaining contact and giving a sense of purpose while in custody.

We understand that ‘good’ family contact plays an important role in supporting their rehabilitation as well as helping to reduce the anxiety, frustration, isolation that can happen while in custody.  We have a dedicated Family matters team who go and see every resident that comes through the after their arrival with us. From this, they would be able to establish if they have any family ties or if they need any assistance in trying to establish family ties and pinpoint to any of our internal or external partners/agencies.

The family matters team offer 1-2-1 support to all residents which they can apply for using the internal kiosk system or they can be referred through internal or external agencies. They deal with a multihued of things which include offering general support, liaising with social services the courts and adoption teams, supervising contacts, delivering a 5 week parenting programme and Restorative Families with residents and their families in the community to help resolve conflicts and issues which has deemed extremely successful as well as organising and promoting Family days up to 5 times a year.

We identify Care Leavers when they come into custody and would get in touch with their advisors in the community and if they have not got one would contact the local authority to see their entitlements. We establish at an early stage if they would be eligible for childcare ROTL and complete the forms as well as liaising with families in regards to attending sentence planning boards, ACCT reviews and CSIP reviews.

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