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Built as a hospital for the US Air Force for the D-Day landings, it was converted to a prison in 1948.

Most of the original single storey accommodation is still in use but has been converted to double or single rooms.

New single storey buildings accommodate prisoners in either single or two-man rooms. A Modular Temporary Unit (MTU), containing 40 single rooms on two floors, was installed during 2003.


Tel: 01283 584000
Fax: 01283 584001

Governor: Adrian Turner

Accommodation: 213 single rooms. 175 double rooms.

Operational capacity: 581 as of 11th August 2008.

Reception criteria: Normal reception arrangements: Sudbury is a category D prison and accepts all suitable prisoners who fit Sudbury criteria.

HMP & YOI Sudbury is a rehabilitation and resettlement prison.  Our aim is to contribute to a reduction in crime by helping prisoners to lead a law-abiding life both in custody and after their release back into the community.

We recognise that each prisoner’s needs are different.  We help address those needs through careful sentence planning in which prisoners are encouraged to participate.  We endeavour to ensure that each prisoner, when released into the community, has acceptable accommodation and a job or an education course or a training opportunity.

We do this by providing a balanced and responsive regime in which prisoners are required to work, attend education classes or training courses. We also aim to provide prisoners with healthcare equivalent to that in the community, sport and leisure facilities and opportunities to practice their religion.

We encourage the maintenance of family links through good visiting arrangements and prudent use of temporary release.  When family ties are irretrievably broken down, we assist in the provision of a support system for release.

We encourage our prisoners to make reparation for their crimes.  Many of our prisoners are engaged in unpaid work for the local community and are involved with local and national charities.

We let our prisoners lead as normal a life as possible within the constraints of a custodial sentence.  They are encouraged to assume personal responsibility for their life in custody and given every possible opportunity to exercise choice.

Sentence and release planning is carried out openly and all decisions affecting prisoners are fully explained to them.

HMP & YOI Sudbury adopts a work ethic and all prisoners are expected to work, unless unable to do so due to age or they are registered disabled.  HMP & YOI Sudbury has a number of partners who provide work opportunities both internally and externally.

The Business and Community Engagement Manager is always seeking new opportunities for our prisoners with external companies and charities

Work Opportunities include:-

Internal - Prison Kitchen, Mess, Gardens, Farm Shop, Waste Management, vocational workshops, painting and decorating, carpentry, bricklaying, plastering a number of vocational and educational opportunities along with contract work shops

External - Community /Charity placements, work experience to complement their identified employment pathway, educational courses and paid employment.  Offer progression to offenders who are eligible to engage in Resettlement Outwork Scheme. This is supported by the Education Department and the CRC (Community Rehabilitation Company) team who deliver level 2 in literacy and numeracy (which is required to progress to the outwork scheme), employability and disclosure courses that has elements of financial capability, job search, offence disclosure and managing a project

There are a number of support networks available to offenders which include, Listeners Scheme, Samaritans, Peer supporters, Friends and Family. Family visits days run throughout the year.

The Substance Misuse Team support offenders with previous and existing drug and alcohol issues.

The psychology department deliver Self Change Programme Consolidation Sessions

Offenders are assisted with the opening of bank accounts and the CRC team provide advice on issues such as managing debt and securing accommodation.

Job Centre Plus also attend the prison to support offenders with benefit and work related issues.  The National Career Service has a full time worker to support offenders with identifying and achieving employment goals

Offenders are required to sign up to a compact based drug testing regime

Offenders in their recreational time have access to the gymnasium, along with a number of other activities.

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