Regime information for Swansea Prison

48 men are on a one week paid Induction Programme. Running alongside this they will undertake the Introduction to Custody presentation, which leads into the access to work programme where they receive training in first aid, manual lifting, site safety and an education assessment. From here they are risk assessed and allocated suitable employment, full and part time education is also provided.

The Drug Support Team, Dafydol offer a one to one support and advice service, ensuring that there is a seamless transition for the men coming into custody and through the Gate service. We have a Listener Scheme, housing collators, Peer Support team, all dedicated to offering their peers support and advice.

The Incentive and Earned Privileges Scheme underpins the progression of the men through their sentence. The Community Rehabilitation Company Programme has been successfully introduced to Swansea, the provider ensures that the needs of the individual are identified and sign posted within the last 12 weeks of sentence. We have recently opened up a 50 bed unit which is establishing an enabling environment.

Her Majesty's Prison & Probation Service


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