Regime information for Swinfen Hall Prison

Swinfen Hall provides an environment that allows prisoners to feel safe, secure and supported in all aspects of their life. This environment provides an opportunity for young adult prisoners aged 18 – 25 to fully utilise their time spent at Swinfen Hall to maximum effect. This allows them to address their individual offending behaviour needs and improve their life and citizenship skills in order to reduce/eliminate their risk of re-offending. We operate an integrated regime across all 9 x wings at Swinfen Hall with all wings having an individual and discreet role ie. Reception/Induction, Programmes Support, Lifer/IPP Wing etc.

In order to ensure a safe and decent environment is delivered, Violence Reduction, Anti Bullying, Suicide Prevention and Incentive and Earned Privileges Strategies are well embedded and continue to be developed and improved fully supported by al at Swinfen Hall.

Finally, all the above is underpinned by an effective Personal Officer Scheme which is pivotal in ensuring prisoners are actively encouraged/required to engage positively at all times whilst at Swinfen Hall and beyond.

Regime Structure

All prisoners are required to participate in a structured prison regime designed to address their offending behaviour, learning and health needs. Part-time work placements have been introduced to ensure all prisoners have purposeful activity.

The following structure outlines what week at Swinfen Hall would consist of: -

  • 08:00 hours prisoners are unlocked for morning open air exercise (this is optional).
  • 09:00 hours commencement of constructive prisoner activities consisting of education, vocational training, healthcare treatment, work and offending behaviour programmes.
  • 12:00 hours lunch is served.
  • 13:30 hours commencement of afternoon session of prisoner activities.
  • 17:00 hours afternoon tea is served.
  • 18:00 hours prisoner association period begins (this is their time to have showers, go to the library, participate in evening classes, make telephone calls and to mix freely with other prisoners on the same residential wing).
  • 20:00 hours is the end of the activity period and prisoners are returned to their cells.
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