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Each young person that comes into Wetherby will have a comprehensive induction that aims to prepare them for a stay within the establishment. They will meet and work with specialists who will identify and help young people with specific needs before they start going to college.


HMYOI Wetherby and Novus offer 30 hours education to each young person. Novus have developed Pathways for each young person to follow. The Pathways cover a range of subjects including Construction, Hospitality and Catering, Industrial Cleaning, Performing Arts, Music, Creative Media, Cycle Academy, Army Cadets, Art, Business Enterprise, Duke of Edinburgh and Multi Media. All pathways include Literacy, Numeracy, Personal and Social Development and ICT. The Pathways allow young people to gain qualifications at all levels and gives them the opportunity to possibly work in the community (ROTL).

The Novus Engagement and Resettlement team work with each young person throughout their time in custody and help secure college places, apprenticeships of employment for young people upon leaving custody.

For any young person who is unable to attend the colleges for education, outreach provision is provided and education is delivered on the wings.

When not undertaking education, young people in our care will have access to a range of facilities. These include access to:

  • Recreational PE
  • Enrichment activities
  • Social visits
  • Chaplaincy services
  • Telephones to maintain family contact
  • Showers
  • Time in the open air

Physical Education

The Physical Education Team offer young people access to 3 hours PE per week as part of the Education 30 hours. Young people will also have the opportunity to take part in PE on an evening and weekend. PE aims to offer a wide range of Sporting, social activities that engage all young people in a fully inclusive, controlled environment delivered by dedicated PE Officers.


The establishment has a proactive chaplaincy team that contributes to the pastoral care of both staff and young people. There are weekly C of E and RC services and Muslim prayers. A full-time chaplain leads the team.

Psychological Services

Psychology Services at Wetherby work offer a range of psychological assessments and interventions with young people, in particular in relation to risk assessment. They also conduct research, offer consultancy to the establishment and deliver training to staff. A range of group / individual accredited and PSO 4350 approved interventions are available for young people at Wetherby. This includes interventions for thinking skills (JETS, ACCESS), violence (LMV-E, ART®), anger/emotion management (TEAM, STAG) and motivation (A to Z). Bespoke individual interventions are also provided by Psychology Services.


The establishment provides 24 hour healthcare, covered by appropriately qualified nursing staff. There is an integrated physical and mental health team. The young people have access to an externally contracted doctor, dentist and optician.

Drug Strategy

The Young People’s Drug and Alcohol Support Service (YPDASS) assess the individual needs of each young person entering the establishment within 5 days. The young person is then allocated a substance misuse worker, if required, for the remainder of their sentence to assist with any issues arising from their assessment.

Alongside 1-1 support, the YPDASS team run a vast range of workshops for young people including alcohol awareness, cannabis awareness, stimulant awareness, overdose prevention and acquiring resilience. Clinical intervention is available for those who need it and is provided jointly with the Physical Health Team. Holistic Therapies including Acupuncture are also available to support young people with the physical and psychological withdrawal from substance use.

The service has strong community links and therefore any work that the young person requires upon release is passed onto the relevant service to ensure a seamless through care process is provided for the young person.
The Governor and staff are wholly committed to the reduction of illegal drug use in the establishment, to provide a safe and healthy environment for those who live and work there.

All reasonable measures, including Mandatory Drug Testing, Suspicion Drug Testing, and Frequent Drug Testing, are used to reduce drug misuse within the establishment.

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