Regime information for Winchester Prison

The Regime at HMP Winchester offers both full and part time work

The Main Prison offers employment opportunities in a number of areas, including recycling, catering and IT.

Education is provided through Milton Keynes College, and is available for all prisoners irrespective of academic ability.

The gym provides recreational activity every week, and also provides some opportunities with Saints for Sport.

There is a variety of wing-based work including painting, cleaning and serving of the meals.

The Prison Industries offer light assembly work,  BiCs training, a textiles workshop as well as a recycling centre.

Drug Services

Winchester and West Hill provides a full range of Drug Services delivered by CNWL.

Winchester has a dedicated in patient detoxification facility that offers a wide range of prescribing options for men that require it.

There is a multidisciplinary team that provides full referral, assessment, advice, and throughcare services with links to other prisons and community agencies including the Drug Intervention Programme (DIP).

There are regular meetings facilitated by community support groups such as SMART recovery, AA and NA.

Resettlement Services

There are employment, housing, debt and finance advisors available through the Community Rehabilitation Company, Catch 22 who work within the Prison to provide support to men prior to release.

Her Majesty's Prison & Probation Service


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