Woodhill prison visiting information

Social visits

Tuesday        14:00 to 16:00        Saturday    09:00 to 11:00
Wednesday    14:00 to 16:00        Saturday    14:00 to 15.50
Thursday        14:00 to 16:00        Sunday    14:00 to 15.50

There are no visits on Mondays and Fridays.

The booking line is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Please arrive by 12:30 for 14:00 visit and 08:00 for 09:00 visit. If you arrive after 14:30 for the afternoon visit or after 09:30 for a Saturday morning visit you will not be permitted entry.

No cancellations or amendments can be made without a valid reference number and they must be done by 11:30 am the day before the visit; for weekend visits changes or cancellation must be completed by Friday 11:30 am.

A Father and Child visit is held during the morning session on the 3 Saturday of every month and must applied for up to 3 weeks before the date of the visit by the prisoner using appropriate forms available on the Wings. Once approved the prisoner will be informed about the decision 7 days prior to the visit. The visit is intended for the prisoners’ children or step-children ONLY.

For property to be brought in the prisoner needs to write out a property application for the day that you are coming in for your visit.  Therefore the prisoner needs to know when the visit is taking place and to submit his application no later than 9am the day before the visit.  For more detailed information please read the PACT document below.

PACT information (PDF)

Booking information:

You can book online at www.gov.uk/prison-visits or telephone the Social Visits Booking Line on 01908 722329.

All reception visits must be booked via the booking line within the first 28 days from the initial reception date; first time visitors for remanded prisoners must be booked via the phone.

Convicted prisoners must have a signed ‘Visitor amendment list’ which includes names, date of birth and full addresses of each visitor they wish to see.

Dress code

Ripped or revealing items of clothing e.g. short skirts or low cut tops, also hoodies, combat trousers and excessive jewelry are prohibited. For more information please read the PACT document above.

Free car park and free lockers are provided.

Official visits

Tuesday to Thursday               Monday   
Session 1    08:30 -9:40        Session 1    08:30 -9:40   
Session 2    10:10 -11:10        Session 2    10:10 – 11:10  
Session 3    13:45 -15:15        NO    SESSION    3
Session 4    15:30 -16:15        NO    SESSION    4

We do not hold visits on Friday.

To book an official visit you will need to complete the Official Visits Booking Form and email it to the Legal Visits Team at Legalvisits.woodhill@hmps.gsi.gov.uk.

Any restricted items must be requested at the time of booking the visit using Restricted Items Application Woodhill; Ministry of justice laptops are available.

Please allow 3 working days to process and reply to your request.

Legal paperwork handed out to prisoners will be subjected to search.

Notice to all visitors

HMPPS are Smoke Free Prisons. Please see document the below explaining the changes to the HMP Woodhill policy, help/advice and more information is available at the Visitor Centre.

Visitors notice (PDF)

Prison Voicemail service

Social contacts can exchange voicemails with prisoners through the Prison Voicemail service, which is available at this establishment. Family members or friends sign up online and are given a unique landline phone number which they can call at any time to leave messages. The prisoner dials the same number from within the prison to listen and reply. You can find more information including pricing at prisonvoicemail.com.

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