Cremation guides

The Cremation Regulations 2008 come into effect on 1 January 2009. They modernise and consolidate all previous regulations, replacing the Cremation Regulations 1930 as amended.

This section contains guidance for applicants for cremation, funeral directors, cremation authorities, medical practitioners and crematorium medical referees; together with related forms.


Guidance for applicants for cremation (PDF 0.03mb 3 pages)

Guidance for funeral directors (PDF 0.06mb 15 pages)

Guidance for cremation authorities (PDF 0.06mb 14 pages)

Guidance for medical practitioners (PDF 0.08mb 17 pages)

Guidance for crematorium medical referees (PDF 0.09mb 27 pages)


CR1: Application for cremation of the body of a person who has died (PDF 0.05mb 5 pages)

CR2: Application for cremation of body parts (PDF 0.05mb 4 pages)

CR3: Application for cremation of stillborn baby (PDF 0.04mb 3 pages)

CR4: Medical certificate (PDF 0.06mb 7 pages)

CR5: Confirmatory medical certificate (PDF 0.05mb 4 pages)

CR 6 - Certificate of coroner is available on request to coroners only by emailing keith Huntingford

CR7: Certificate following anatomical examination (PDF 0.03mb 1 pages)

CR8: Certificate releasing body parts for cremation (PDF 0.03mb 2 pages)

CR9: Certificate of stillbirth (PDF 0.03mb 1 pages)

CR10: Authorisation of cremation of deceased person by medical referee (PDF 0.03mb 1 pages)

CR11: Certificate after post-mortem examination (PDF 0.03mb 2 pages)

CR12: Authorisation of cremation of body parts by medical referee (PDF 0.03mb 1 pages)

CR 13: Authorisation of cremation of stillborn child by medical referee (PDF 0.03mb 1 pages)

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