Companies Court Winding Up List

Cause list Friday, 22 July 2016

Updated: 22 July 2016 16.32 (refresh your browser for the latest version)

The following list is subject to change until 4.30pm. Any alterations after this time will be telephoned or emailed direct to the parties or their legal representatives.

This scheme runs every Monday from 10am during the Court’s term-time to provide one-off advice to Litigants-in-Person who require help in the winding up court (High Court, Rolls Building). It will be administered by City Law School students in partnership with volunteer barristers from the chancery and commercial Bar.

If you require assistance then please drop-by Consultation Room 17 on the 2nd floor from 10am on Mondays to speak to barristers and students











MONDAY 25th JULY 2016




At 10:30am


  1. 578/2015                    Staplecross Joint Ventures Limited
  2. CR-2016-000002         Churchil Limited
  3. CR-2016-000817         Dudley Port Holdings Limited
  4. CR-2016-000976         Accord Procurement Services Limited
  5. CR-2016-001259         Smith Technologies Limited
  6. CR-2016-001607         DANMIRR CONSULTANTS
  7. CR-2016-001717         MOB Construction Ltd
  8. CR-2016-001904         Asia Resource Minerals Limited
  9. CR-2016-001986         Coiffeur Salon Limited
  10. CR-2016-001999         AUTO SOLUTION CENTRES LIMITED
  11. CR-2016-002119         Little Sports Coaching Ltd
  12. CR-2016-002148         Jenissi Limited
  13. CR-2016-002268         Lifestyle Heating Limited
  14. CR-2016-002299         Trinity Sales and Marketing Limited
  15. CR-2016-002480         Rice Bowl Restaurant
  16. CR-2016-002533 - What a Value for a Quid - Ltd
  17. CR-2016-002534         Mercy Global Limited
  18. CR-2016-002762         Alan & Alan (Construction and Contractors) Limited
  19. CR-2016-002783         HOLLYWOOD DISPLAYS LIMITED
  20. CR-2016-002791         Sulby Contracts Limited
  21. CR-2016-003061         Stephen Michael Associates
  22. CR-2016-003066         GLASSCOM LTD
  23. CR-2016-003069         Merchandising Sales Force Limited
  24. CR-2016-003070         Danson Asset Management Limited
  25. CR-2016-003071         AAA Drivewise Contracts Limited
  26. CR-2016-003074         Admore Training & Consultancy Ltd
  27. CR-2016-003075         Paterson Brown Limited
  28. CR-2016-003076         Red Trading (UK) Limited
  29. CR-2016-003082         4Hire (South West) Limited
  30. CR-2016-003083         Foodtime Restaurant Limited
  31. CR-2016-003084         International Health Insurance Marketing Limited
  32. CR-2016-003085         Juxta Base (Development P1) Ltd
  33. CR-2016-003087         Buildtone Limited
  34. CR-2016-003088         MBI & Partners U.K. Limited
  35. CR-2016-003089         JAG BROS LIMITED
  36. CR-2016-003090         Michael's Catering Butchers Limited
  37. CR-2016-003092         ACCESS RESPONSE LTD
  38. CR-2016-003095         HANOVER TRADING LIMITED
  39. CR-2016-003101         Claire Fabrications Limited
  40. CR-2016-003104         Sword Civil Engineering Ltd
  41. CR-2016-003105         Dytas Umbrella Services Ltd
  42. CR-2016-003106         MITHRAS MANAGEMENT LIMITED
  43. CR-2016-003107         E17 RECYCLING LIMITED
  44. CR-2016-003109         Floorforce Limited
  45. CR-2016-003110         Alison's Bakeries Limited
  46. CR-2016-003111         Abbey Distinctive Homes Limited
  47. CR-2016-003112         Willwal LTD
  48. CR-2016-003113         H2O Source Limited
  49. CR-2016-003114         Port Talbot Labour & Plant Limited
  50. CR-2016-003115         Infiniti-E Limited
  51. CR-2016-003116         Cleanevent (UK) Limited
  52. CR-2016-003122         Suretrack Rail Servies Limited
  53. CR-2016-003134         Budding Amazing Limited
  54. CR-2016-003136         Arial Ventures Limited
  55. CR-2016-003137         Nexbond Limited
  56. CR-2016-003138         Miratrack Limited
  57. CR-2016-003139         Pridebrand Limited
  58. CR-2016-003140         AMI Supplies Limited
  59. CR-2016-003141         Bar Titania Ltd
  60. CR-2016-003142         Brenig Construction Limited
  61. CR-2016-003143         Linktrend Ltd
  62. CR-2016-003144         St Martins Lane (London) Ltd
  63. CR-2016-003145         Carlton & Ashmore Limited
  64. CR-2016-003146         Centron Computer Services Ltd
  65. CR-2016-003155         Afrikiko Limited
  66. CR-2016-003156         Chris Aria Investments Limited


Not Before 11am


  1. CR-2016-003157         Daden Consulting Ltd
  2. CR-2016-003158         G M L (Homes) Limited
  3. CR-2016-003159         Harveys Estates Limited
  4. CR-2016-003161         Glynn-Smith Limited
  5. CR-2016-003164         Kendrick UK Construction Ltd
  6. CR-2016-003166         JJ Site Services (Peterborough) Limited
  7. CR-2016-003169         Runcton Farm Partnership Limited
  8. CR-2016-003171         P C Touch Computing Limited
  9. CR-2016-003172         Park Mill Trading Ltd
  10. CR-2016-003173         Riverside Cafe (Bath) Ltd
  11. CR-2016-003174         Mulberry & Pier Protective Coatings Limited
  12. CR-2016-003175         TC Technical Engineering Ltd
  13. CR-2016-003176         Wonderland London Limited
  14. CR-2016-003181         Bennison Builders & Development Ltd
  15. CR-2016-003183         AFA SPECIAL PROJECTS LIMITED
  16. CR-2016-003185         Cognisent Operations Ltd
  17. CR-2016-003187         Baskervilles Baston Limited
  18. CR-2016-003189         Channel 1Q Limited
  19. CR-2016-003192         Cityvalue Estates Ltd
  20. CR-2016-003193         Digital Cognisense Ltd
  21. CR-2016-003194         Old Ram Limited
  22. CR-2016-003195         Anmax Limited
  23. CR-2016-003196         Cockman Ceramics Ltd
  24. CR-2016-003197         Ross Property Management & Development Limited
  25. CR-2016-003198         Bromley F.C. (95) Limited
  26. CR-2016-003199         R.A. Lister Overseas Investments Limited
  27. CR-2016-003200         Bredbury Karting Ltd
  28. CR-2016-003201         New Eden Landscapes Limited
  29. CR-2016-003203         Hol-Tec Limited
  30. CR-2016-003204         Wittswood Flooring Products Limited
  31. CR-2016-003205         Goodwood Automotive Ltd
  32. CR-2016-003207         Glas Ceyssens Limited
  33. CR-2016-003209         Hybrid (Grimsby) Limited
  34. CR-2016-003211         Fast Track Completions Limited
  35. CR-2016-003212         PG General Trading Services Limited
  36. CR-2016-003213         Giroprotection Limited
  37. CR-2016-003214         Lapgate Properties Limited
  38. CR-2016-003215         Logical Computing Limited
  39. CR-2016-003216         Old Pheasant (Glaston) Limited
  40. CR-2016-003217         Run Wild Media Limited
  41. CR-2016-003218         Randicoot Ltd
  42. CR-2016-003219         Wild Track Business Solutions Limited
  43. CR-2016-003220         Sentribox Ltd
  44. CR-2016-003221         TBP Accounts Limited
  45. CR-2016-003222         Swinton Lions Rugby League Club Limited
  46. CR-2016-003225         The Golden Horse
  47. CR-2016-003229         Queens Head
  48. CR-2016-003230         Mission Property Services Ltd
  49. CR-2016-003231         C.E.M. MANAGEMENT SERVICES LIMITED
  50. CR-2016-003239         Ship Albion (Spalding) Limited
  51. CR-2016-003240         Leaf, Bark and Berries Limited
  52. CR-2016-003242         Ideal Food Distributor Ltd
  53. CR-2016-003243         South West I.T Solutions Limited
  54. CR-2016-003246         Osbourne Estates Limited
  55. CR-2016-003247         Pisani PLC
  56. CR-2016-003248         PCV Cleaning Services (UK) Limited
  57. CR-2016-003249         Craig Sutherland Limited
  58. CR-2016-003250         E.I.C. Limited
  59. CR-2016-003253         DNA IT Recycling.Com Limited
  60. CR-2015-009671         Oilsearch PLC


Ordinary Applications


CR-2016-000500         Venuedressers Ltd

CR-2016-002984         OPH Property Holdings Limited

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