Companies Court Winding Up List

Cause list Monday, 25 April 2016

Updated: 25 April 2016 10.13 (refresh your browser for the latest version)

The following list is subject to change until 4.30pm. Any alterations after this time will be telephoned or emailed direct to the parties or their legal representatives.


This scheme runs every Monday from 10am during the Court’s term-time to provide one-off advice to Litigants-in-Person who require help in the winding up court (High Court, Rolls Building). It will be administered by City Law School students in partnership with volunteer barristers from the chancery and commercial Bar.

If you require assistance then please drop-by Consultation Room 17 on the 2nd floor from 10am on Mondays to speak to barristers and students.












MONDAY 25th APRIL 2016




At 10:30am


  1. 4638/2015       Wimbledon Operations Limited
  2. 6176/2015       PARTRIDGE AND HOBBS
  3. 6354/2015       GLF Limited
  4. CR-2015-008656        ECA Program Group PLC
  5. CR-2015-008952        Nationwide Joinery Contractors Limited
  6. CR-2015-009066        Global Games Online Limited
  7. CR-2015-009071        Manor Wood Homes Limited
  8. CR-2015-009130        Forrest Research Limited
  9. CR-2015-009331        La Cuenta Limited
  10. CR-2015-009370        Cornerstone Group of Nurseries Limited
  11. CR-2015-009540        MWS Office Supplies Limited
  12. CR-2015-009618        Hatch Property Group Limited
  13. CR-2015-009621        International Health Insurance Marketing Limited
  14. CR-2015-009628        Barkbeech Limited
  15. CR-2015-009662        Teamvise Limited
  16. CR-2016-000135        PTAU Ltd
  17. CR-2016-000144        Whitbys Limited
  18. CR-2016-000168        Rolamgold Limited
  19. CR-2016-000175        Richard Ashby London Limited
  20. CR-2016-000194        Missing Asset Services Worldwide Limited
  21. CR-2016-000226        Stateside Candy Company Limited
  22. CR-2016-000235        Lapa Canine  & Security Limited
  23. CR-2016-000244        SGL International Limited
  24. CR-2016-000258        ARP Enforceent Services Limited
  25. CR-2016-000395        Yes Telecom Limited
  26. CR-2016-000434        GDA Surveys Ltd
  27. CR-2016-000435        ECO Energy Sales Ltd
  28. CR-2016-000436        Freedom Gas Ltd
  29. CR-2016-000449        Astroaxis Limited
  30. CR-2016-000450        Midlands Interiors Limited
  31. CR-2016-000461        Liberti Legal Ltd
  32. CR-2016-000463        Freedom Electricity Ltd
  33. CR-2016-000469        Freedom Renewables (North West) CIC
  34. CR-2016-000513        HSTOHM Limited
  35. CR-2016-000527        Fremel Ltd
  36. CR-2016-000644        BSL Realisations (2013) Limited
  37. CR-2016-000660        PA & PR Ennis trading as Capricorn (a partnership)
  38. CR-2016-000680        In re a Company
  39. CR-2016-000779        Katace Consultancy Limited
  40. CR-2016-000818        Economet Limited
  41. CR-2016-000853        Thai Cafe & Restaurant Limited
  42. CR-2016-000912        Earwood Limited
  43. CR-2016-000914        Ling Joinery Limited
  44. CR-2016-000935        The Interiors Group Limited
  45. CR-2016-000968        Sabana Supply Limited
  46. CR-2016-000994        Chequers Holborn Limited
  47. CR-2016-001006        Adore Bridalwear Limited
  48. CR-2016-001053        Truplant Ltd
  49. CR-2016-001078        XSSL Limited
  50. CR-2016-001087        Lloyd Loom Furniture Limited
  51. CR-2016-001116        JE Construction Services LTD
  52. CR-2016-001118        Tower Bridge Ventures Limited
  53. CR-2016-001120        Claim4hearing LTD
  54. CR-2016-001122        Reeve Media Limited
  55. CR-2016-001125        Allpark Ltd
  56. CR-2016-001132        Africa New Energies Limited
  57. CR-2016-001134        Print On Solutions Limited
  58. CR-2016-001139        Blue Logic Europe Limited
  59. CR-2016-001143        Shanan Wholesale Limited
  60. CR-2016-001144        Whitton Park Estates Limited
  61. CR-2016-001146        Prosperous Energy Limited
  62. CR-2016-001170        Hennessy Sports Events Limited
  63. CR-2016-001172        Notts County Football Club Limited
  64. CR-2016-001174        STARGUARD CONTRACTS LIMITED
  65. CR-2016-001175        Global Images LTD
  66. CR-2016-001182        Atlantic Leisure (UK) Limited
  67. CR-2016-001188        Cams B & D Limited
  68. CR-2016-001191        MTEC Security Systems LTD


Not before 11am


  1. CR-2016-001193        P G D Limited
  2. CR-2016-001199        NJP Construction Ltd
  3. CR-2016-001202        Panos Yiapanis Limited
  4. CR-2016-001203        Cardiff Blues Limited
  5. CR-2016-001204        Pinnacle Developments Limited
  6. CR-2016-001208        Silo Capital Limited
  7. CR-2016-001210        Nicholas Moore Specialist Employment Lawyers Limited
  8. CR-2016-001213        Tombstone Limited
  9. CR-2016-001215        Sense (Direct) Limited
  10. CR-2016-001216        Ickle Angels Nursery Limited
  11. CR-2016-001218        CCR Engineering Ltd
  12. CR-2016-001220        Canterhall Builders Ltd
  13. CR-2016-001229        Star Windows and Glazing Ltd
  14. CR-2016-001230        Pisani plc
  15. CR-2016-001231        UK Windscreens
  16. CR-2016-001233        Acculine Markings Limited
  17. CR-2016-001234        Fortune House Oriental Limited
  18. CR-2016-001235        Energia Controls Ltd
  19. CR-2016-001237        Shiisha Bar and Restaurant Limited
  20. CR-2016-001238        Lightbrigade Media Corporation Limited
  21. CR-2016-001239        LDH Restaurants Limited
  22. CR-2016-001241        Orwell Maintenance Limited
  23. CR-2016-001242        Zena Limited
  24. CR-2016-001243        Central Maintenance Limited
  25. CR-2016-001244        Milahill Systems Limited
  26. CR-2016-001245        KML (PROPERTIES) Limited
  27. CR-2016-001246        Edwin McGinn Electrical Limited
  28. CR-2016-001249        Pay-Way Limited
  29. CR-2016-001251        Plantway Limited
  30. CR-2016-001253        Servcorp Mayfair Limited
  31. CR-2016-001255        Leisure Entertainment (MK) Ltd
  32. CR-2016-001256        Hupleco LTD
  33. CR-2016-001259        Smith Technologies Limited
  34. CR-2016-001264        D.J.Godwin Limited
  35. CR-2016-001268        Alexander Du'Bel Events Limited
  36. CR-2016-001272        RMS Construction Services Ltd
  37. CR-2016-001285        Shaping Homes Homes Improvement Limited
  38. CR-2016-001287        Land Engineering Services Ltd
  39. CR-2016-001291        European Enviromental Markets Plc
  40. CR-2016-001292        Broadbridges Consulting Limited
  41. CR-2016-001294        Parrywest Estates Ltd
  42. CR-2016-001295        Venus Computer Services Limited
  43. CR-2016-001297        Altius Construction Limited
  44. CR-2016-001299        ACA ASPVM Decorators Limited
  45. CR-2016-001301        Streetkleen Bio Ltd
  46. CR-2016-001305        Kent Commercial Appliance Services Limited
  47. CR-2016-001306        Auto Invest (CA) Ltd
  48. CR-2016-001309        Acis Student Housing LLP
  49. CR-2016-001311        Bond Security Consultant Services Limited
  50. CR-2016-001312        Sheffield Kitchen World Limited
  51. CR-2016-001313        Integris (North West) Limited
  52. CR-2016-001314        JA Operations Limited
  53. CR-2016-001316        My Rewards Company Limited
  54. CR-2016-001317        Seanella Limited
  55. CR-2016-001320        Stam Traction Ltd
  56. CR-2016-001321        Lex Facilities Management Limited
  57. CR-2016-001325        Stanhill Investments Limited
  58. CR-2016-001326        BDT London Limited
  59. CR-2016-001327        Sleep Dragon Limited
  60. CR-2016-001328        Toptoys2u Limited
  61. CR-2016-001329        Karrots Fresh Produce Limited
  62. CR-2016-001334        The Shield Guarding Company Ltd
  63. CR-2016-001338        GREEN BANK SECURITIES LIMITED
  64. CR-2016-001339        NEWCASTLE RUGBY LIMITED
  65. CR-2016-001340        WARM WALLS SOLUTIONS LTD
  68. CR-2016-001343        TRIPLE A TAXIS LTD
  69. CR-2016-001344        ROWLEYS GARAGE LTD.



Ordinary Applications


6646/2015       HEDDWCH LIMITED

CR-2016-000290 Elysian Fuels 19 LLP

4543/2014 Stayton Limited


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