Administrative Court at Manchester daily cause list

Cause list Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Updated: 19 October 2020 16.53 (refresh your browser for the latest version)

The following list is subject to change until 4.30pm. Any alterations after this time will be telephoned or emailed direct to the parties or their legal representatives.

By reason of the present situation, it will not be practicable for all of the hearings on this list to be broadcast into or heard in open court. The judge dealing with each matter may direct (having regard to sect.85A of the Courts Act 2003, CPR 39.2(3)(g) and CPR PD 51Y and the MR's guidance on Remote Hearings) that the hearing must take place in private where it is necessary to do so to secure the proper administration of justice. In each case the hearing will be recorded. Any person who is not a party may (a) apply to the court to attend any hearing and make representations as to why the hearing must be in public and (b) apply to the court for a transcript of the hearing pursuant to CPR 39.9(4). Any such application may be made by email sent to with the name of the case, its number and the date and time of the hearing in the subject line

There are no cases in the Administrative Court or the Upper Tribunal Court

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