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HM Courts & Tribunals Service is introducing a fee payment service which will allow repeat business users to pay court fees electronically (moving away from the practice of issuing cheques). The service will be available for customers that use the National Business Centres (County Court Money Claims Centre – Salford and County Court Business Centre – Northampton), all offices of the County and Family Court, magistrates courts that deal with civil and family work, the Royal Courts of Justice, probate registries and the Court of Protection.                                                        

The new service was initially due to be launched at the end of September 2014 but the development of the system has taken a few weeks longer than expected, HM Courts & Tribunals Service will now launch the new service nationally on the 17 November 2014.

HM Courts & Tribunals Service has already piloted an account service in a limited number of sites for a couple of years under the name of Payment by Account (Pba), this new enhanced service will replace Pba and is now called 'Fee Account'.

Current sites running Pba will transition to Fee Account on 20 October 2014 with no change to customer’s reference numbers. These early adopter sites are the County Court Money Claims Centre, the County Court at Cambridge and the Rolls Building, once new customers sign up to Fee Account the service can be used to pay for any court fee administered by those centers immediately.  The service will then be available to use at all other offices of the County and Family Court, magistrates courts which deal with civil and family work, the Royal Courts of Justice, probate registries and Court of Protection on the 17 November 2014.

The service offers customers improved fee management and court application processing, through the removal of paper (cheque) processing in favour of a digital solution, efficiencies will be realised both in saving time and money for the customer and HMCTS.

Benefits to the customer of using Fee Accounts include;

  • Provision for customers to use one single method of payment across any of the jurisdictions with an option for sub accounts.
  • Elimination of cheques to be replaced by a quick and easy direct debit facility
  • Potential reductions in administration overheads in raising and authorising cheques. 
  • No banking charges for each business cheque raised and processed.
  • Improved security of payment by eliminating the potential for loss or delay through manual handling of cheques.
  • Reduced delays caused by re-issue of payments to replace unsigned, incorrect value or lost cheques .
  • Refunds applied directly to customers accounts.
  • Weekly and monthly invoicing to customers.

It’s quicker, cheaper and easier to pay court fees using Fee Account.

If your organisation would be interested in using an account facility, you can register for this service now, please e-mail FeeAccountPayments@hmcts.gsi.gov.uk

For all enquiries on the fee account service please contact the team on FeeAccountPayments@hmcts.gsi.gov.uk

For all other fee related enquiry please contact your local court.

Fee Account - Terms and conditions

Fee Account - Application form

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