The probate and inheritance tax helpline

The Probate Helpline was created in April 2003 and works alongside the Inheritance Tax Helpline. The joint Helpline offers the bereaved and personal representatives a single point of contact for information on how to obtain probate or get the help they need regarding inheritance tax and fulfilling their obligations to HM Revenue and Customs.

In addition there is a lot of information and access to forms available over the Internet. People can log on to the HM Revenue and Customs website

If callers do not have Internet access, the Helpline can arrange for leaflets and forms to be sent by post.

Opening hours

The Probate and Inheritance Tax Helpline is open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm. The 0845 30 20 900 number offers callers the following 3 choices

  1. Leave an order for forms and leaflets on the automated service
  2. Speak to a Probate advisor
  3. Speak to an Inheritance Tax advisor.

The Helpline staff will provide advice and guidance on inheritance tax matters in general, although they are not able to help callers with tax planning. They can also deal with initial and basic probate enquiries or advise if the matter should be taken up with a Probate Registry.

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