Apply for probate (without a solicitor)

A guide for applicants acting without a solicitor

This guidance is produced to help you obtain probate if you have decided not to employ a solicitor. If you make a personal application for a Grant of Probate you will be required to attend an appointment at one of our venues to swear an oath.

How to obtain Probate - A guide for the applicant acting without a solicitor (PDF 124Kb)


Please read through this guidance carefully before you start to complete the required application forms. The information will help you decide whether you need probate and to fill in the forms if you do. It should answer most of your queries about probate.

If you have any difficulties completing the forms or need further guidance please contact your local Probate Registry. The staff are there to help you – but they are unable to give you legal advice. Applying for probate yourself is a fairly straightforward procedure in most cases.

The information in this guidance refers only to the law in England and Wales. If the deceased was permanently resident outside England and Wales another system of law may apply – this will be explained when we receive your application. If you need to apply for a Grant of Representation in Scotland or Northern Ireland, you should contact the court in the appropriate country.

Probate fees

Probate fees for personal applications - PA3 – Probate Fees

Probate fees for solicitor applications - Guide to non-contentious probate fees

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