The following protocols supplement the Criminal Procedure Rules and the Criminal Practice Directions. The text of these protocols, and more information about them, can be found on the website of the Judiciary of England and Wales.

3 December 2013
Judicial Protocol on the Disclosure of Unused Material in Criminal Cases

15 December 2009
Essential Case Management: Applying the Criminal Procedure Rules

1 December 2008
Management of cases from the Organised Crime Division of the CPS

1 October 2007
Effective, cracked, ineffective and vacated trials monitoring scheme

16 May 2006
Practice Direction for ‘heavy’ fraud trials estimated to take 6 weeks or more

5 May 2006
Protocol for Victim Advocates’ pilot

20 February 2006
Disclosure: A Protocol for the Control and Management of Unused Material in the Crown Court

1 January 2006
Best practice guidance for Custody Management Directions for those prisoners who may pose a risk of escape or violence

22 March 2005
Court transcript - criminal case management, complex case handling and jury service

Ministry of Justice


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