Administrative Court Charter

The Administrative Court Office will achieve the general standards of service set out below. Specific standards of performance will be displayed in each business area.

Coming to Court

When you arrive at Court, you will find:

  • Staff who are polite and helpful, and who identify themselves by wearing name badges.
  • A notice giving the name and telephone number of the Customer Service Officer, who can help if you have any special needs or any suggestions about improving the service.

Our public counters open from 10am to 4:30pm.

When you go to the public counter or enquiry point in any court we will:

  • Respect your privacy;
  • If you prefer, discuss confidential business out of hearing of other members of the public;
  • Deal with your enquiry within 15 minutes. If you have to wait longer a member of staff will explain the delay.
  • Court staff will be pleased to advise on administrative procedures and help then to fill in the necessary forms. However, staff will not give legal advice or comment on judicial decisions. If a customer requires legal advice, we will inform them that they should approach a solicitor, The Citizen's Advice Bureau or other advice agency.

Communicating with the Court

You can phone us between 9am and 5pm

When you phone us we will:

  • Answer the phone within 30 seconds;
  • Tell you who you are speaking to; and
  • Give you a clear and helpful answer.

When you write to the Court and your letter requires a reply, we will;

  • Dispatch a reply or respond by telephone to your correspondence usually with 5 but not later than 10 working days of receipt;
  • If a written reply is needed, it will give the writer's name telephone number.
  • When requested to do so, we will send letters from the Court, by email, to the visually impaired. We will also make arrangements to accept lodging in e-format from Braille users.

If an order is made in their case:

  • We will send you a copy of the order usually within 5 but not later than 10 working days of the order being made; or
  • If the order is to be drafted by counsel, we will send you a sealed copy of the order usually within 5 days but not later than 10 days of receipt of the draft order.

When things go wrong

If you're unhappy with our service or wish to make a complaint, see our Complaints Procedure for more information.

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