Chancery division

The Chancery Division is a part of the High Court of Justice. The areas of work that it deals with are:
  • business and property related disputes
  • competition
  • general Chancery Claims
  • patents claims
  • intellectual Property claims
  • companies claims
  • insolvency claims
  • trust claims
  • probate claims
  • appeals to the High Court, Chancery Division from the lower court

For more information see:

Chancery Guide 2016 (PDF 0.77mb)
Published 23 March 2016

Chancellor’s statement on 2016 Chancery Guide (PDF 0.03mb)

Interim Applications in the Chancery Division: A Guide for Litigants in Person
Published 30 July 2013 

The Division is based at the Rolls Building (off Chancery Lane/Fetter Lane).

The Head of Division, The Chancellor of the High Court, is the Right Honourable Sir Terence Etherton.

There are currently seventeen High Court Judges attached to the Chancery Division. In addition, in the Royal Courts of Justice in London, there are six judges referred to as Chancery Masters (one of whom is the Chief Master) and five judges referred to as Bankruptcy Registrars (one of whom is the Chief Registrar).

In District Registries, the work done by Masters in London is done by District Judges.

Deputies sit on a regular basis for both Judges and Masters.

The Division includes:

  • Chancery Chambers (Masters)
  • Bankruptcy and Companies Court
  • Patents Court

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Chancery Modernisation Review

Chancery Modernisation Review - provisional and final reports

Chancery sittings outside the Royal Courts of Justice

Central London County Court

With effect from Wednesday 6 April 2011 creditors and debtors' petitions below the value of £50,000 and £100,000 respectively will be dealt with as a County Court matter. For this purpose the Central London County Court will sit at the Thomas More Building, Royal Courts of Justice, where petitions will continue to be issued and heard.

There are cases where, notwithstanding these monetary limits, the proceedings will continue to be presented in the High Court:-

  • where the bankruptcy petition is being presented against a member of a partnership being wound up by the High Court in London;
  • where the debtor is not resident in England and Wales and has not carried on business or resided in England and Wales in the 6 months before the presentation of the petition; and
  • where the petitioner is unable to determine the debtor’s place of residence and place of business.

Chancery business at the Central London Civil Justice Centre (PDF 0.17mb)

Business Chancery and Patents section:

Telephone: 020 7917 7821/7887
Fax: 0207 917 7940

The following courts deal with Chancery business outside London:

  • Birmingham
  • Bristol
  • Cardiff
  • Leeds
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester
  • Newcastle
  • Preston
The heading of a County Court Claim should be marked "Chancery Business". 

Regions and Supervising Judge

Chancery Supervising Judges are appointed to handle Chancery work outside London according to region.

  • South East - Chancellor of the High Court
  • Midlands - Mr Justice Morgan
  • North East - Mr Justice Norris (Vice-Chancellor of the County Palatine)
  • North West - Mr Justice Norris (Vice-Chancellor of the County Palatine)
  • South West - Mr. Justice Morgan
  • HMCS Wales - Mr. Justice Morgan

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