Chancery judges listing office

The listing office is based in 7 Rolls Buildings, EC4 1NL. Office opening hours are from 10.00am to 4.30pm and telephones are manned from 9.00am to 5.00pm.

Fax No: 0870 739 5869


The Chancery List Office is responsible for:

  • the issue of all processes before the High Court Judge
  • arranging hearing dates with parties and interlocutory applications before the High Court Judges
  • preparing the daily list of cases to be heard by the High Court Judges.
  • ensuring that all the appropriate files and papers are delivered to the allocated Judge.
  • the issuing of applications to be heard on paper in front of a High Court Judge.


Senior listing officer: Doug Bell
Tel: 020 7947 7282



Obtaining a trial date

Once you have received an order from a Master assigning your case a trial window, you should send a copy of that order to our office. We will accept copies by post or fax.

Once the order has been received, we will assign the case a listing number and inform all parties of an appointment to fix the trial date. At that appointment, counsel's clerks from all sides will attend this office and the trial will be listed in the window.

If you are unable to attend the appointment, please send to this office your dates of availability within the trial window and we will fix a date in your absence. Once the trial has been listed, we will send written confirmation of the date to all sides.

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The Listing fee

Latest information regarding fees can be found in the fees section.

The Pre Trial Checklist

Pre trial checklists are sent out by this office to all parties approximately 10 weeks before the trial date. A letter enclosed will inform the party of the date when the checklist should be returned.

For further information about the Pre Trial Checklist (of Listing Questionnaire), please refer to CPR Part 29.

List publication

Our Daily List is normally compiled between 1pm and 2pm each day. The list will normally appear on the website between these times. Alternatively you can contact our office for the information.

Trial periods

When the trial date has been arranged, the case will normally be placed in a five-day window. This office will aim to list the trial on the first day of the window, however if this cannot be done, this office will aim to list the case on the second day of the window. This office has a maximum of 5 days to list the case (for example if the trial period commences on a Monday, this office has until the Friday to list the case). It should be pointed out however that the vast majority of trials commence on the first or second day of the window.

Trial Periods/Dates that Masters are asked to give during week commencing 12 September 2016

  Trial Window Last day for Listing Appointment
For trials 1 day or less:

1 December 2016 to 28 February 2017

31 October 2016
For trials up to 5 days: 1 April 2017 to 30 June 2017
31 October 2016
For trials between 5 - 10 days: 1 July 2017 to 30 November 2017
31 October 2016
For trials over 10 days: 1 November 2017 to 31 January 2017
31 October 2016

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This office issues and lists the following applications:

  • applications for injunctive relief

  • applications to vary or discharge a Judge's order

  • applications to commit

  • applications referred by the Master to the Judge in charge of the list (or Interim Applications Judge)

  • applications to adjourn trial dates

  • summary judgment

Companies Court Applications:

  • originating application

  • ordinary application

  • admin application

  • discharge admin and wind up application

Patents Court Applications and Patent matters that cannot be dealt with by a Master:

  • case Management Conferences

  • directions

Issuing an application

The fee for an application is £50 if you are applying without giving notice to any other party and £155 if you are applying with notice.

The application notice form N244 must be completed and four copies should be sent to this office. This office will retain two copies (one with the fee endorsed) and will send back the two remaining copies (one for the issuing party and one for service). Additional copies will be sealed if requested.

Application notices are normally listed with a time estimate of no longer than one hour, however additional time will be given if both parties consent to a longer hearing and the court is able to accommodate this.

For Companies applications that are heard to before a Judge and not a Registrar:

Application: Insolvency Service Form: Fee:
Originating 7.1A £280
Ordinary 7.1A £155
Discharge administration & wind up 7.1A £1227


See: List of Fees Applicable in the Civil and Family Courts as of 22 April 2014

Insolvency Service forms can be downloaded from the Insolvency Service website.

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Out of hours emergency applications

During vacations, at weekends and outside normal sitting hours a Chancery Judge is normally available to deal with applications which are of such urgency that they cannot wait until the next available sitting time.

Contact should be made in the first instance with RCJ security on 020 7947 6000. In no circumstance should a judge or his or her clerk be approached direct. Full details of out of hours emergency arrangements are to be found at paragraphs 5.28 to 5.34 of the Chancery Guide.

Chancery Appeals

Chancery appeals include:

  • the issue of appeals in fast track claims.

  • appeals in Part 8 claims and appeals in case management decisions in multi-track claims.

Appeals lodged in the High Court Appeals Office are heard before a single High Court Judge of the Chancery Division.

An Appeal / Permission to Appeal application should be made using Form N161. The fee payable to issue an Appeal / Permission to Appeal application is £240.00. The appeals procedure is governed by Practice Direction of CPR Part 52.

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The Chancery Division has jurisdiction for the following appeals:

  • an appeal against the decision of a Chancery Master of the High Court

  • an appeal against the decision of a Circuit Judge in the South Eastern Region, providing that this decision is not already the subject of an appeal from a District Judge.

  • appeals against the decision of a Costs Master at the Senior Court Costs Office (this is dependent on the level of the presiding Costs Master, i.e. if the Costs Master was sitting in the capacity of a District Judge when the decision was made, the appeal will lie to a Circuit Judge).

  • an appeal against the decision of a District Judge made at a District Registry in the South Eastern Region.

  • an appeal against the decision of a Bankruptcy Registrar or a county court Judge under the Insolvency Act 1986. (Form PDIP1 should be used for these cases).

  • an appeal against a High Court Registrar under orders concerning the Companies Act 1985 and the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986.

  • various statutory appeals to the High Court which include:

    • VAT & Duties Tribunal

    • Special Commissioners of the Inland Revenue

    • Trademarks Registry

    • The Pensions Ombudsman

    • Patents Court

    • Special Commissioner

    • General Commissioner

    • The Land Registry

    • The Lands Tribunal

    • Charity Commission

Application Notices (Form N244) are also issued in connection with any existing appeal that has been previously filed.

The fee payable for this type of application is:

£155.00 with Notice (1)
£50.00 without Notice (2)

(1) a with Notice application is deemed to be one issued before the hearing date to be added to the list 

(2) a without Notice application is deemed to be one heard urgently within the applications court, out of court hours or one to be dealt with on paper


If you need a transcript of a hearing before a Judge or Master, please contact the Courts Transcription & Recording Unit in Room WB14

Tel: 020 7947 7820
Fax: 020 7947 6662

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