Special Educational Needs and Disability forms

How to appeal against a SEN decision: A guide for parents – January 2011 (PDF 0.40mb)

Information for Children and Young People (PDF 0.26mb)

How to claim against disability discrimination in schools – a guide for parents - (SEND4) 

Disability discrimination claim form - (SEND4A) 

SEN appeal form (DOC 0.54mb)

SEN appeal form (PDF 0.04mb)

Attendance Forms - parents (PDF 0.06mb)

Attendance Forms - parents (DOC 0.84mb)

Attendance Forms - Local Authority (PDF 0.06mb)

Attendance Forms - Local Authority (DOC 0.84mb)

Request For Changes Form (SEND7) 

Coming to the tribunal (SEND5)

Guidance for parents claiming expenses (SEND15)

Expenses claim form for parents (SEND15A)

Guidance for witnesses claiming expenses (SEND16)

Expenses claim form for witness (SEND16A) 

Explanation for missing travel tickets/receipts (SEND17) 

Carrying out our order: A parent's guide to what happens now (SEND18)

Withdrawing an appeal or claim (SEND8)

Information about schools (SEN14) (PDF 0.07mb)

Guidance for summonsed witnesses (SEND9)

Notes on applying to the First-tier Tribunal (Special Educational Needs and Disability) (PDF 0.06mb)

Application Form A

Application for permission to appeal (PDF 0.06mb)

Application Form B

Application for the Tribunal to review its decision because of a change of circumstances (PDF 0.06mb)

Application Form C

Application to set aside a final decision (PDF 0.06mb)

Preparing the LA's case (SEN2) (PDF 0.06mb)

Information about schools (SEN14R) (PDF 0.07mb)

Answering a claim: A guide to Responsible Bodies (DIS2) (PDF 0.01mb)

Guidance for Expert Witnesses Giving Evidence in Special Educational Needs Appeals and Disability Discrimination Claims Hearings (SEND10)

First Tier and Upper Tribunal Child, Vunerable Adult and sensitive witnesses (PDF 0.06mb)

Health Education and Social Care Chamber Special Educational Needs or Disability Discrimination in Schools Cases (PDF 0.09mb)

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