Eligibility & means assessment

Means forms for civil legal aid matters.

Financial assessment forms checklist

CIV Means 1

CIV Means 1 (PDF)
Applicants not receiving income support or income-based Jobseeker's Allowance

CIV Means 1 The guide (PDF)

CIV Means 1A

CIV Means 1A (PDF)
Information about an applicant’s self employed work

CIV Means 1B

CIV Means 1B (PDF)
Information about an applicant’s partnership

CIV Means 1C

CIV Means 1C (PDF)
Information about a shareholding in a private limited company and/or directorship

CIV Means 1P

CIV Means 1P (PDF)
A supplementary assessment form that applies to prisoners on remand or serving a current sentence.

CIV Means 2

CIV Means 2 (PDF)
People who receive income support or income-based Jobseeker's Allowance

CIV Means 2 guide (PDF)

CIV Means 2A

CIV Means 2A (PDF)
Information about your business

CIV Means 3

CIV Means 3 (PDF)
Use if the applicant's home is outside the UK

CIV Means 4

CIV Means 4 (PDF)
A child under 16 yrs

CIV Means 5

CIV Means 5 (PDF)
Change in capital after the first application for public funding

CIV Means 7

CIV Means 7 (PDF)
Means assessment for family mediation

L17 Statement of earnings

L17 (PDF)
Statement of earnings: to be completed by the applicant’s employer

L31 financial information

L31 (PDF)
Financial information about an applicant’s partnership or self employed work. (Note: This form is not part of the forms masterpack but is listed here for your convenience.)

CIV Admin 2

CIV Admin 2 (PDF)
Change of client’s details

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