Becoming a Prison Officer

A lot of people think they know what life inside a prison is like. They see portrayals on TV and in films, and imagine these are a true reflection of reality. Until you've worked in a prison, built trust, exercised authority without throwing your weight around, and ultimately changed people's lives for the better, you've no real idea what a difference prison life can make to offenders, society and to you.

This site will dispel some myths, give you the facts and help you decide if you have what it takes to become a Prison Officer. You could soon be playing a key role in making this happen. First, take some time to read through this site and find out more about the prison service.

Prison Officers work directly with Prisoners; they supervise and manage the activities of those Prisoners. Prison Officers are expected to promote pro social behaviour, encourage Prisoners to address their offending behaviour and ensure that all Prison Service rules, orders and instructions are followed. Prison Officers are required to contribute to an orderly, safe and secure environment. The role requires officers to be motivated, actively promote diversity and challenge discriminatory behaviour. All staff are required to uphold the Prison Service aim, objectives and work within the Competency and Qualities Framework.

HM Prison Service


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